Online Education and Canvas

Welcome to online education at DVC, where you can meet your goals in a flexible, exciting, and affordable learning environment. Move closer towards your degree, build a new skill to advance your career or train for a new one, and explore creative outlets.  There are support services to help you get started and succeed online.

  • Cheryl Davis

    "It’s exciting to see online students actively engage in study groups, work together to complete assignments, and meet with me as well. Students have a variety of ways to connect with me (text message, phone, video, email). With online teaching, I connect more frequently with students and at a deeper level than when the primary means of connecting was in an office."

    - Cheryl Davis, Nutrition Adjunct Professor, Diablo Valley College

  • Carolyn Seefer

    “Taking online classes at DVC is a smart move for students. We offer such a variety of programs, and students have greater flexibility in creating a schedule that works well for them. This is the most important and exciting part about online learning.  Flexibility expands opportunities and gives students who might never earn a degree or certificate the chance to finally do so.”

    - Carolyn Seefer, Professor, Business Administration, Diablo Valley College

  • Troy Bennett

    “For many, online courses offer the only opportunity to earn a degree or certificate. Gaining professional skills in a way that fits into your life is empowering! Digital media lends itself well to both instruction and production in an online environment. We go to great lengths to create personal engagement through group discussions, peer reviews and constructive design critiques. We also help prepare students for transfer or interviews for internships and jobs.”

    - Troy Bennett, Department Chair, Art-Digital Media & Film Television and Electronic Media, Diablo Valley College

  • Pooja Kini

    “My experience with DVC online classes has been positive. I would definitely recommend students take online classes at DVC. They are a great way to prepare yourself to independently meet deadlines and manage your work and time. These skills are critical no matter where you go in life. DVC’s online classes really helped me create a solid foundation.”

    - Pooja Kini, AA-T Economics, AS-T Business Administration, Diablo Valley College, Transferring to UC Santa Barbara

  • Dustin Javaherian

    “I prefer online classes because I can learn the material faster, allowing me to take more units and still work a full-time job. With the flexibility of online classes, I was also able to take care of my mother in her final years.”

    - Dustin Javaherian, AS-T, Business Administration, AA, Economics, Diablo Valley College, Transferring to San Diego State University

*Did you know? Many of our online education graphics have been designed by DVC students!