Course Prerequisites and/or Co-requisites

Certain courses have prerequisite requirements. Prerequisites are courses that must be completed with a passing grade before taking the desired course. For example, students may not enroll in English 123 without first passing English 122 or equivalent with a "C" grade or higher.

Courses with a corequisite require that a student has successfully completed the course in a prior term or is enrolled in the corequisite course in the same term. Please note: Dropping a class with a corequisite will result in a drop from both classes.

All course prerequisites and corequisites are listed in both the schedule of classes under each course and in the college catalog. All prerequisites are enforced by the Admissions and Records Office; they cannot be waived.

There are several ways to satisfy a prerequisite. Students may:

  • Complete the prerequisite class
  • Use the online placement process to satisfy a prerequisite
  • Present AP test scores
  • Present transcripts or report cards from other schools showing the equivalent of the prerequisite course has been passed

A student wishing to show that a prerequisite has been satisfied should submit a prerequisite form with documented proof (official or unofficial transcript) attached to the Admissions and Records Office. This should be submitted at least 3 business days before a student's registration date. This is to ensure that all blocks are removed and registration will go smoothly.

If a prerequisite is approved, admissions and records will clear the prerequisite block so a student may register online or in person. Students will be notified via InSite email whether their request is approved or denied. Students should allow 3 business days for processing.

Prerequisite and/or co-requisite challenge

Prerequisite challenges are offered on a case by case basis. In the event that Admissions and Records cannot approve a prerequisite equivalency, we may recommend submitting a prerequisite challenge form which will be reviewed and decided by the discipline faculty and department chair. The criteria for submitting a challenge are:

  • The prerequisite course has not been made readily available
  • The student has satisfied the prerequisite in another way (documentation required).

Prerequisite challenge forms are available through the Admissions and Records Office. They should be completely filled out and all documented proof attached. They are to be submitted to Admissions and Records only on or after the students registration date. Students will be registered in the class at the time the form is submitted; the form will not be accepted prior to a student's registration date. Admissions and Records will forward the form and documentation to the discipline faculty and department chair for review. The department has 5 business days to make a determination. If they approve the challenge, the student remains in class and will be notified of the approval. If the challenge is denied, the student will be dropped and notified immediately by the Admissions and Records Office.

If you would like to request a prerequisite challenge form please email