College and District Policy

  • The Student Code of Conduct (Section III.B.12) prohibits the "possession, consumption, sale, distribution or delivery of any alcoholic beverage in college buildings or on college grounds, or at college-sponsored or supervised activities, regardless of their location, unless authorized by college officials."
  • The Code (Section III.B.11) also prohibits "the use, sale, distribution, or possession on campus of, or presence on campus under the influence of, any controlled substances, or any poison classified as such by Schedule D section 4160 of the Business and Professions code or other California laws on District property or at any District-sponsored event. Use of a prescription drug if the prescription was not issued to the student, or the distribution or sale of a prescription drug to a person to whom the prescription was not originally issued. Intentionally or recklessly inhaling or ingesting substances (e.g., nitrous oxide, glue, paint, etc.) that will alter a student's mental state is also prohibited. Possession of drug paraphernalia including but not limited to bongs or glass pipes. This regulation does not apply when the person named on the prescription possesses the drugs or narcotics or when the drugs or narcotics are permitted for and are being used in research, instruction, or analysis."
  • Drug-Free Workplace - Board Policy 2046
    1. Alcohol in Workplace - Human Resources Procedure 1080.06
    2. Drug-free Environment and Drug Prevention - Human Resources Procedure 1080.11
  • Serving Alcoholic Beverages at College/District Activities - Business Procedure 6.05
  • Drug-Free Campus - DVC Procedure 2046
  • Serving Alcoholic Beverages at College Activities - DVC Procedure 5106.05
  • Employee Assistance program - HR Procedure 1120.11

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