Finding Help With Difficulties You May Encounter at DVC

Type of difficulty

Procedure - at a glance

With a campus service or office (staff or managers)

Speak with the employee directly and attempt to resolve the issue. If that is not successful, you may wish to contact that employee's supervisor to notify them of the issue and to seek appropriate resolution.

With an instructor or counselor

Speak with the faculty member directly. If you are unable to resolve the issue with them, you may wish to contact the appropriate department chair, whose responsibility it is to listen to student inquiries, complaints and grievances about department members and matters. The department chair will investigate and attempt to resolve matters on a department level. If the faculty member is also the department chair, direct the concerns to the academic dean.

Grade disputes

Please see "Student appeals for grade changes".

Unlawful discrimination or harassment

Students who believe that they have been subjected to unlawful discrimination or harassment are welcome to contact Vicki Ferguson, Vice President of Equity and Student Services/Title IX Coordinator, to receive information about equal educational opportunity policies and the formal and informal complaint procedures available at the campus and district level. You may also use the Unlawful Discrimination Complaint form to submit a complaint.

Vicki Ferguson
Vice President of Equity and Student Services/Title IX Coordinator
Location: Administration Building, 207

Non-Instructional Grievance Policy

The Diablo Valley College staff is dedicated to serving particular educational needs, which can be appropriately met by a college functioning in accordance with the broad purposes and regulations set forth in the education code of California. Accordingly, any student who believes there has been a violation of the regulations as stated in Title IX of the Education Act of 1972 may initiate a grievance (see "equal opportunity policy and grievance procedures"). For further information, contact Vicki Ferguson, Vice President of Equity and Student Services/Title IX Coordinator.

Academic standards (Probation or Dismissal for low GPA or excessive withdrawals)

For information about the college's policy related to probation and dismissal, please visit: "Probation and Dismissal Policy". Contact the Student Life Office for questions or concerns related to your academic status or holds on your registration materials, and about the process for seeking reinstatement handled by the dean of outreach, enrollment and matriculation.

Matriculation complaints

Students may file a complaint if she or he believes that DVC has failed to make a good faith effort to develop an educational plan or provide specified services once the student has declared a specific educational goal. Contact the dean of outreach, enrollment and matriculation for more information.

California residence status

Visit the residency information page and fill out the California reclassification request form

Registration difficulties

For information about registration and difficulties you may encounter (late add codes and petitions, prerequisites, course conflicts and reinstatements), visit the registration page.

Parking and Campus Safety

The campus Police Services can assist you with concerns about your campus safety, parking permits or citations, or reports of loss or theft. Parking information here.

State Chancellor's Office

After college and district processes have been utilized, if the issue is still unresolved, students can file a complaint with the State Chancellor’s Office. Visit Complaints Form and Process for more information and forms.

Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC)

Process and form for filing a complaint against the college with the regional accrediting commission

Distance Education Complaint Process for Non-Resident Students

Diablo Valley College desires to resolve student grievances, complaints and concerns in an expeditious, fair and amicable manner in accordance with our procedures. Students residing outside of the state of California while attending DVC who desire to resolve a grievance should follow the college's procedures for complaints and grievances, above. However, if an issue cannot be resolved internally, you may file a complaint with your State. The Student Grievance Contact Information for Individual States provides phone numbers, emails and/or links to state education agencies. Diablo Valley College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges.