Chemistry Assessment

Need help choosing which chemistry course to take first?

We can help! Many students enroll in Chemistry 108, our introductory chemistry course. If you are already comfortable with the topics in Chemistry 108, you can take our chemistry assessment. Students who successfully complete the chemistry assessment and meet the math prerequisite are eligible to skip Chemistry 108 and enroll in Chemistry 120.

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What is the chemistry assessment?

The chemistry assessment is an optional test for students who wish to skip Chemistry 108. Eligible students can take this assessment once per term.

Eligibility for Chemistry 120:

  • Math 119, 120, or completion of the placement process
  • AND a passing score on the chemistry assessment

Assessment details:

How can I take the chemistry assessment?

The chemistry assessment is offered on a drop-in basis at the Pleasant Hill Academic Proctoring Center in SSC-140 (map). The test is typically available to take Monday - Thursday from 9:30 am - 2 pm.

Before you arrive:

  • Complete the online placement process for Math and English/ESL.
  • Call or email to verify availability on the date/time you wish to take the exam.
  • If you require extra time or other accommodations for a disability, please register with DVC's Disability Support Services first.

What to bring:

  • Physical photo ID (driver's license, passport, student ID card, etc.)

Please note: DVC does not release placement results to other schools.

Frequently asked questions

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Where can I learn more about what chemistry courses are available?

Check out our chemistry program page! You'll find the catalog, with descriptions of all our available chemistry courses.

How often can I take the chemistry assessment?

The chemistry assessment may be taken once a term.

Can I bring my child with me during the chemistry assessment?

Children are not allowed in the Academic Proctoring Center and staff will not be able to watch any children while you are in the testing room. Please find other accommodations for your children while you are taking your exam.

What if I'm still not sure which chemistry course to take?

Work with a counselor to make an education plan based on your academic goals.