Short Term Study Away Information for Faculty

Short-Term Academic Study Away Programs (STASAP) are faculty-developed and faculty-led initiatives to reach the segment of student population who are interested in studying away from the DVC campus (either in the U.S. or overseas) during the winter inter-session or in the summer session. They are different from existing semester-long Study Abroad programs available through the Northern California Study Abroad Consortium. The shorter format of STASAP may appeal to students who might not have the time or finances to enroll in a semester program yet still want an opportunity to study away. DVC faculty interested in STASAP will develop proposals with an education vendor that meets pre-established guidelines and criteria, and submit their proposals for review and approval.

Faculty who are interested in creating a Short-Term Academic Study Away Program (STASAP) should download the following forms and information that will help you as you develop your program ideas. You’ll need to work with your department and an outside vendor to determine the class(es) that would be appropriate, as well as the dates, times, and locations. When all the details are worked out, please fill out the STASAP application and turn it in to Ruth Miller at, along with the contract form (completed and signed by the vendor). Applications are due April 1, 2022 for programs to be offered in summer or "intersession" of 2023.

If you have any questions about this program or on the application process, you can contact any of the STASAP committee members:


Possible Vendors

Vendors are chosen by the faculty member who is creating a STASAP based on their program’s specific needs. Vendors are the ‘behind the scenes’ logistical organizers of successful STASAP programs. Some of their responsibilities include making sure students and faculty members are not only comfortable, but experience a healthy and safe learning environment. Coordinating housing, meals, transportation, discipline and other social and cultural activities are some of the logistical and local assistance offered to STASAP students and faculty by an approved vendor. Because they are extremely familiar with the ‘local culture’, they can help you make the most of your program at all stages (i.e. development, recruitment/ marketing, and trip support).

All vendors have to fill out the vendor contract in order to be eligible to work with you on your STASAP. Please send them a copy of the contract as soon as you begin talking with them about your proposal to ensure that they meet all of the necessary requirements to be an approved vendor.

The following companies may be willing to work with you as you develop your STASAP. They have either already worked with a DVC faculty member in the past and are already familiar with our college requirements to be an STASAP vendor or they have worked with faculty members at other community colleges that have similar vendor requirements.