Online Nights and Weekend Tutoring: NetTutor

When possible, we encourage you to access tutoring through DVC's Student Centers, where you can find on campus and online support with tutors from our campus. But if you need tutoring on nights, weekends, and/or holidays when DVC Student Centers are closed, you can still access free online tutoring through NetTutor!

NetTutor options

  • Ask NetTutor: Connect to a live tutor for immediate assistance, in real time.
  • NetTutor Q and A Center: Drop off a question and receive feedback from a tutor.
  • NetTutor Paper Center: Submit your paper, lab report, or technical writing for review.

Accessing NetTutor

Canvas navigation menu with arrows pointing to DVC Tutoring and NetTutorThe link to NetTutor is available in your Canvas course shells on the left-hand navigation menu. "DVC Tutoring" will take you to the Student Centers to work with DVC on campus/online tutors, while "NetTutor" will connect you with tutors on nights, weekends, and holidays.

Using NetTutor

If you'd like to learn more about online tutoring before starting, the videos below show how to use NetTutor, submit work, and share screenshots during a tutoring session: