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Academic renewal without course repetition

Based on the Academic Renewal Policy, substandard grades may be alleviated if they are not reflective a student’s demonstrated academic ability. If Academic Renewal is approved, the student’s permanent record will be notated with the appropriate comments and the substandard grades (“D”, “F”, “NC/NP”) unit values will not be computed in the cumulative grade point average. The “renewed” courses and the related grades will not be removed from the record, as the district is required to show a complete and accurate academic record for every student (Title 5, Section 55046).

Students MUST meet with a counselor to review options for Academic Renewal, as this procedure is irreversible.

  1. Only substandard grades will be renewed.
  2. Courses that have already been removed from GPA by course repetition will not be renewed.
  3. Up to 30 units may be alleviated. Courses within the District can be combined up to the maximum of 30 units, however each college will adjust units on its own transcript;
  4. Require that a student has completed either:
    1. 9 units of work with a 3.5 cumulative grade point average;
    2. 12 units or work with a 3.0 cumulative grade point average;
    3. 15 units of work with a 2.5 cumulative grade point average; or
    4. 20 units of work with a 2.0 cumulative grade point average

The unit count begins the semester after the last substandard grade was received. The course work upon which the application for alleviation is based, may have been completed within the district or any other regionally accredited college or university.

Once student is deemed by a Counselor that they qualify for Academic Renewal, the student must complete the Petition for Academic Renewal Form, using one form per college, obtain a counselor’s signature and turn it into Admissions and Records at any college within the District. If the student is using non-District courses to qualify for the satisfactory work completed and required cumulative GPA, official transcripts must be on file in Admissions and Records prior to petitioning for Academic Renewal.


Fill out and sign the Petition for Academic Renewal, obtain college counselor approval, and submit the completed form to any college within the district. If you are using non-district courses to qualify for the units (see item #5 above), official transcripts must be on file in Admissions & Records prior to submitting the petition form. In-progress semesters cannot be included.


Course repeats

Effective summer 2012 students will be limited to enrolling in the same non-repeatable credit class a maximum of three times. This includes students who have earned a substandard grade (“D,” “F,” “NP,” or “NC”) or who have dropped with a “W.” Starting with Spring 2012 registration, students will be notified if they are enrolling in the same course for a second time. Students attempting to enroll in the same course for a third time will be blocked from registration and required to submit a petition to repeat. Students are urged to manage course load, be aware of the number of enrollments for a specific course, carefully consider dropping courses, and understand all deadlines. In addition students are urged to take advantage of counseling, tutoring, and other support services to achieve successful completion of all courses.

Repeating courses with substandard grade
Courses are not repeatable unless noted within the course descriptions listed in the catalog. Students may repeat a non-repeatable course only to alleviate a substandard grade of D, F or NC/NP.

When a course is repeated to alleviate a substandard grade, only the last grade and it's units will be used in computing the student's grade point average. The substandard grade will remain on the student's transcript with a notation that the course has been repeated.

Course repetition cannot be used to make up an incomplete 'I' grade. When students receive a substandard grade (“D,” “F,” “NC,” or “NP”) for a course, they may enroll in it a second time without being required to request permission. If it becomes necessary for students to attempt a course for the third time, they must request special permission to do so. Students must submit a Petition to Repeat online to the Dean of Outreach, Enrollment and Matriculation. Under no circumstances may a student repeat a course more than two times to alleviate a substandard grade (Title 5, section 55042). If students repeat a course, only the better of the two grades will be used in the GPA calculation. (If both grades are the same, then only one will be counted). However, both grades will appear on the transcript, and the units for the course will only be counted once. An “R” notation will appear next to the lower of the two grades indicating that the course has been repeated.

Repeatable courses

Courses that are repeatable are noted in the college catalog with the number of repeats allowed. Students may not repeat a course beyond the maximum repeats, even to alleviate substandard grades.

A student may repeat courses for additional credit and a grade only if the course is labeled as being repeatable in the catalog. For example:

CARER 150 - Topics in Careers
1 unit SC
May be repeated three times


Courses that may not be repeated under any circumstances are dental courses and any course that is unusually dangerous to the student or others.


Grade policy

The assignment of grades is the exclusive responsibility of the individual instructor. Our grading policies are based on our faculty’s philosophy, California Administration Code, Title 5 (Sec. 51300-51325), and the Contra Costa Community College District Board Policy 4001.

We use the following evaluative grades and non-evaluative symbols:

Grade points per unit

A —Excellent - 4 grade points
B —Good - 3 grade points
C —Satisfactory - 2 grade points
D —Passing, less than satisfactory - 1 grade point
F —Failing - 0 grade points

The following grade symbols are not considered in calculations of cumulative grade point averages (GPA), but the “W,” “I,” and “NP” grades are considered in determinations of progress probation and dismissal:

I —Incomplete - 0 grade points
P —Pass, at least satisfactory or a C grade - 0 grade points, units not counted in GPA
NP —No Pass, less than satisfactory - 0 grade points, units not counted in GPA

The following are non-evaluative symbols:

W —Withdrawal
IP —In Progress
RD —Report Delayed

Grades earned on non-degree applicable courses are not included in the degree applicable GPA.

Academic honors

Students who have completed at least 12 units during the term and earned a GPA of at least 3.0 will receive honors recognition on their transcripts.

Graduation honors

Graduation honors will appear on a student’s transcript if a 3.5 GPA in all college work (excluding non-degree applicable and upper division courses) is maintained at the end of the semester in which the student has applied to graduate.

Incomplete grades

An incomplete is a contract between a student and instructor. An incomplete grade must be made up no later than one calendar year following the grade assignment or it will automatically revert to the alternate grade assigned by the instructor. Students who receive an “I” grade can not officially register for the same course in which they received the incomplete. Incompletes will be given only in cases of emergency such as accident, illness, or family emergency. Extensions to the one year deadline may be granted for good cause with instructor approval. The instructor must notify the Admissions and Records Office.



Pass/No pass (P/NP) is an option available for some classes that allow students to opt for a grade of pass, or no pass, instead of a letter grade. These courses are labeled in the Schedule of Classes with a (SC) student choice notation. Student choice means a student has a choice whether to take the class on a P/NP or letter grade basis. A pass is given for “C” grade work or better, and a no pass is given for “D” grade work or below. The deadline to submit a Pass/No Pass Form to Admissions is the same as the deadline to reverse a previous pass/no pass request, and is listed in the Calendar of Important Dates published in the Schedule for Classes. You can view the deadlines in your Class Schedule through InSite.

P/NP grades are not used in the calculation of grade point averages, although the units for P grades are counted towards your total units earned at DVC. Four-year colleges often limit the number of P units they will accept from transfer students. Please contact your transferring institution for their P unit policies.