Admissions and Records Office

The Admissions and Records Office manages enrollment and registration, transcripts, residency, prerequisites, graduation requirements, degrees and certificates, and  transfer certifications. The Admissions and Records Office staff welcome you and are here to assist you.

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Enrollment Priority: The California Community College Board of Governors approved changes that establish system-wide enrollment priorities designed to ensure classes are available for students seeking job training, degree attainment or transfer, and to reward students who make progress toward their educational goals. New students who have completed college online orientation, assessment (or exemption if applicable), and developed an education plan will be entitled to priority enrollment. Continuing students in good academic standing that have completed the matriculation steps and who have not exceeded 100 units (not including units in basic English and Math or English as a Second Language) will have priority over students who do not meet these criteria. Please see the registration appointment schedule for specific dates.

As a result of these regulations, students on probation and/or dismissal for two or more consecutive semesters or who have completed 100 or more degree applicable units within the district will not be eligible for priority enrollment. If you are on probation for two or more consecutive semesters or have completed 100 or more degree applicable units at the time of registration then you will lose your priority enrollment status. An appeal process has been created for students who have lost their enrollment priority and feel that they would benefit from a priority registration date. These forms must be handed in to the Admissions and Records office during certain times which are listed on the form.

There are two Admissions and Records Office locations. 

(For San Ramon location and hours, please click the San Ramon tab below.)

Admissions and Records Office

Location: Student Services Center (SSC), Suite 102 
Phone: 925-685-1310

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
January 2- 10   8am- 5pm 8am- 5pm 8am- 5pm 8am- 5pm 8am - 3pm
January 13- February 7   8am- 7pm 8am- 7pm 8am- 7pm 8am- 7pm 8am- 4pm

On-the-spot residency decisions are available for most cases on Tuesdays, 3-6pm and Wednesdays, 9am-1pm at the Admissions and Records window. 

Admissions and Records Office - San Ramon Campus

Location: 1690 Watermill Road, San Ramon

Phone: 925-866-1822

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
September 23- November 8 9 am -6:30 pm 9 am -6:30 pm 9 am -6:30 pm 9 am -6:30 pm Closed
November 11- December 19 9 am -6:30 pm 9 am -6:30 pm 9 am -6:30 pm 9 am -6:30 pm 9 am -1 pm