New Student Orientation

Welcome to DVC! Our online orientation for new students is an info-packed experience that will set you up for success. You’ll learn about:  

  • What to expect as a student.
  • Academic resources and student support services.
  • Campus processes, such as registration and placements.
  • Helpful technology tools, such as InSite (the student portal) and Canvas.

What to know

  • You need 30 – 60 minutes to complete the orientation.
  • You can start the orientation and come back. Your progress will be saved.
  • The orientation has several modules and a short quiz at the end.

Completion of the online orientation will satisfy one of the three steps (placement, orientation, and educational planning) needed to qualify for an earlier registration date. This means you'll have a better chance of getting the classes you want before they fill up. (Requires/requiere logging in to InSite.) 

Start Your Orientation     Comienza la Orientación     International Student Orientation

What’s next? Placements!

Get help selecting your English/ESL and math courses with our Online Placement Process!

Once you complete the online orientation and placements, you will be ready for educational planning with an academic counselor.

Within 24 hours of completion of placement, orientation, and educational planning, students will be assigned an earlier registration date for the upcoming term.  

You can view your registration date for the upcoming term(s) by logging into InSite.  

Get help 

Visit our 'How To Center' for step-by-step instructions for: 

  • Accessing the Online Orientation. 
  • Finding your registration date.

You can also stop by the Enrollment Lab on campus for support!