5 Steps to Transfer

Before You Start! Enroll at Diablo Valley College! Apply for financial aid, FT3*, and register for classes Complete orientation, placement, and advising. Set your graduation goals and interests in transferring Submit the necessary documents to Admissions and Records (high school transcript, prerequisite forms, etc.) Apply for the Learning Communities: PUMA*, First Year Experience, etc.  First Fall Semester Meet with a DVC Counselor to discuss academic plans! Connect with support services: EOPS*, DSS*, PUMA* Center, Student Life, tutoring, etc. Explore majors and careers - Career and Transfer Services can help!  Check out Career and Transfer Services for help with transfer planning and job opportunities  Familiarize yourself with campus: the library, the cafeteria, computer labs, and study spots Get involved in extracurriculars to build a strong application for competitive majors  *Don't forget to register for Spring Classes!  First Spring Semester Continue discussing academic plans ( TAG*/ADT* ) with a DVC Counselor! Visit Career and Transfer Services for important transfer deadlines Consider taking the SAT/ACT test if interested in transferring to private colleges Research/apply for transfer prep programs and mentorships  Apply for DVC Scholarships by February  Stay involved in extracurriculars to build a strong application for competitive majors  *Don't forget to register for summer/fall classes   Summer Semester  Research and visit transfer schools! Take classes as needed (don't overwhelm yourself) Visit Career and Transfer Services to explore careers and refresh your resume Look into internships related to your major/career goals  Final Fall Semester Finalize your transfer progress and education plan with a DVC Counselor Work on transfer application essays and visit Career and Transfer Services for help Submit your application for transfer admission! Career and Transfer Services can help! Apply for priority registration (if graduating in the spring) Research private/out-of-state application deadlines (typically in the spring) Transfer application deadlines UC TAG* application by September 30 UC application by November 30 CSU application by November 30 *Register for spring classes  Final Spring Semester Finalize all plans for transferring UC Transfer Academic Update by January CSU Supplemental applications and academic update by January Complete FAFSA applications by early March Check emails/portals for further instructions and submitting documents and transcripts if requested Apply for DVC scholarships by February Submit your petition for AA/AS degree to Admissions and Records early in the semester Submit private/out-of-state applications (deadlines vary) Keep track of IGETC/CSUGE/graduations forms and dates  *FT3 is First Time + Full Time + + Free Tuition *TAG is Transfer Admission Guarantee *ADT is Associate Degree for Transfer *EOPS is Extended opportunity Programs and Services *DSS is Disability Support Services *PUMA is Puente, Umoja, and MESA Achievement

#1 - Identify your major and/or career interests

  • Take guidance classes taught by DVC Counselors to help you decide your major and transfer goals
    • Career 110: Career and Life Planning (3 units)
    • Career 120: Career Assessment (1 unit)*
    • Career 130: Career and Major Exploration (1 unit)*
    • Career 140: Job Search Strategies (1 unit)*
    • Counseling 130: Transfer Planning (1.5 units)

      *Not designed to be taken with Career 110.

  • Still undecided?? Take transferable introduction courses that interest you from IGETC or CSUGE.

TIP: Check the transferability of courses before you take them!

UC Transferable Courses

CSU Transferable Courses

 #2 - Choose colleges that are right for you  

  • When deciding where to transfer, be sure to consider the following:
    • Size of the campus (also a predictor of class sizes)
    • Cost of tuition (and possibilities of grants, scholarships, etc.)
    • Location (near the beach, in the mountains, far from home)
    • Do they offer your program/major? Is it competitive/impacted/selective?
  • Other helpful ways to compare schools:
    • Attend a "Preview" Day on campus to see what the vibe is like
    • Talk to University Reps when they visit DVC
    • Take a campus tour as they are usually given by current students of the school - virtual tours are also available!
    • Talk to students attending the college in your field(s) of interest or visit classes
    • Create a LinkedIn account and connect with different schools and alumni on the university's page
    • Research your major's undergraduate department at each university to learn their unique offerings
    • Affording Your University Education

  #3 - Make an Educational Plan

  • Schedule an appointment with a DVC counselor starting early in your career at DVC, and check back in with your counselor each semester for changes in requirements or timelines. 
  • Plan which courses to take each term such as:
    • Completing IGETC or other GE patterns
    • Major requirements/pre-requisites
    • Other requirements for transfer (unit minimums, GPA requirements, deadlines, etc.)
  • Assist.org can help you stay up to date and you can monitor your educational plan on InSite's Student Planning tool.

 #4 -  Find out what is required to apply to your school(s)

  • Check the admission requirements
    • GPA - What is the minimum to apply? What is the minimum to be competitive?
    • Units - How many units are needed to transfer?
      • Use the Unit Conversion Chart for quarter systems
    • Re-check general education, pre-major, and lower division requirements for transfer
  • Check timelines
    • When to apply for transfer (usually about 10 months before you start at the university)
    • AA/AS/ADT degree and certificate filing/application periods at DVC Important Dates for your final semester at DVC
    • For transcript deadlines, check your e-mail for messages from your school after you apply and utilize our post-application checklist.

#5 - Complete your applications

  • Have unofficial copies of all college/university transcripts ready to view
  • Have your current income information and most recent tax year information (for household) ready to view

How do I apply for transfer to each university campus/system?

Utilize the many resources at DVC Transfer's Application Dates and Tasks page.

AFTER YOU APPLY: For transcript deadlines and other important dates after you apply, check your e-mail for messages from your school and utilize our post-application checklist. Explore transfer scholarships available to apply for through DVC Scholarships.

Still looking for help? Visit the Transfer Center for help through the whole process - we look forward to working with you!