Where do DVC students transfer? 

UC and CSU Map

UCs, CSUs, Private, and Out of State Universities

The majority of DVC students transfer to UCs and CSUs, but DVC students' transfer options span the globe! Choosing between a UC, CSU, private, and out of state transfer university will depend primarily on what your plans are for your education and what your priorities are for your university transfer experience. Use this helpful decision-making guide on How to Choose Your Transfer University.

University of California

UCs are geared toward research and preparation for graduate studies. If you are planning on going to graduate school, doing research in your field, and/or pursuing a major such as law, dentistry, or medicine and health, UCs will provide you many opportunities toward your goals.

California State University

CSUs are geared toward real life application and career preparation.  If you are planning to go into the work-force after you receive a bachelors, then CSUs should be a strong consideration.  Also if you want to stay local, a CSU may be the school for you because they give priority consideration to local area students and have many more campuses around the state.

Private Colleges

Private Colleges are not featured in this map, but there are dozens private schools all over the state and thousands across the country you can transfer to as well. Private universities have a large diversity of environments and academics, and each have their own unique application deadlines and admission requirements: some schools may accept you before you have 60 semester units, and some require a specific set of courses while others do not - visit our "Private College Resources" page for more information.

There is a broad and diverse selection of Out Of State Universities, also with unique application deadlines and admission requirements. View our "Out of State College Resources" page to explore your many transfer options outside of California. You can even transfer outside of the United States!

DVC Transfer Statistics: Where have past DVC transfer students enrolled?

Click on the icons below to access transfer enrollment statistics of DVC transfers to UC, CSU, and private and out of state colleges and universities.