Where can you transfer? 

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Private Colleges are not featured in this map, there are many private schools all over the state, visit our "Private College Resources" page for more information.  Private Schools all have different admission requirements, some schools may accept you before you have 60 semester units.  Private schools have a large diversity of environments and academics.  There are many private school campuses all over the state and country.

Choosing between a UC or a CSU will depend primarily on what your plans are for your education and what your plans are after your education.

UC’s are geared towards research and preparation for graduate school. If you are planning on going to graduate school or taking a major such as law, dentistry, medicine and health then a UC is the way to go.  

CSU’s are geared towards real life applications and career preparation.  If you are planning to go into the work-force after you receive a bachelors then a CSU may be the direction you go.  Also if you want to stay local a CSU may be the school for you because they have many more campuses around the state.  Generally CSU's have a smaller class size and are taught by faculty as well.

There are a broad and diverse selection of Out Of State Universities, view our "Out of State College Resources" page to explore universities.

Degree completion program

A degree completion program is an educational program that provides a way for students to get college credit for experience that they have gained through life or work. Degree completion programs work within the established university community to provide accredited degrees.

Universities and/or Colleges that offer degree completion programs:

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