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Getting Started



Grades, Transcripts, etc.

How Do I Apply Online?

¿Cómo completo la aplicación en línea?

How Do I Register For Classes Online?

¿Cómo me Inscribo en Clases?

How Do I Forward My InSite Email? How Do I Find My Grades?
How Do I Login to InSite for the First Time? How Do I Manage My Waitlist? How Do I Find My Class Schedule? How Do I View My Unofficial Transcript?

How Do I Access the Online Orientation?

¿Cómo Acceso la Orientación en línea?

How Do I Register Using The Late Add Process? How Do I Make a Payment Online? How Do I Request an Official Transcript?

How Do I Complete the Online Placement Process? 

Cómo Completo la Evaluación En-línea (2nd page) 

How Do I Drop a Class Online? How Do I Purchase a Parking Permit? How Do I Check the Status of a Transcript?
How Do I Make an Assessment Appointment? How Do I File a Petition to Repeat a Class? How Do I Download Microsoft Office? How Do I Change My Home College?
How Do I Check My Assessment Placement? How Do I Lift an Academic Probation Hold? How Do I Find My DVC ID#? How Do I Change My Major?
How Do I Find My Registration Date?   How Do I Find My InSite Username? How Do I Recover My CCCApply Account?
How To Scan From An Android and iPhone   How Do I Reset My InSite Password?  

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