Steps to Enroll for International Students

If you are planning to get an F-1 visa or are currently studying in the US in F-1 status and would like to transfer to DVC, follow these steps:

Step one: apply

Fill out the application for F-1 international students.

Submit your application and documents.

Processing may take up to 15 business days after which you will receive an email regarding your application status.

Step two: admission

You will receive an email regarding admission and mailing of your I-20 (invitation to study).

For initial students: You must pay your SEVIS fee before your visa interview. Keep a copy of your receipt. You will go to the US Embassy/Consulate in your home country and apply for your F-1 visa.

For transfer students: You will receive an email regarding the transfer of your SEVIS record. Once your SEVIS record has been transferred, your DVC I-20 will be issued within one week.

Step three: online orientation, student education plan, sign up for in-person orientation, register for classes

You must complete the online orientation and student education plan to receive an early registration date.

You are required by law to register in at least 12 units (term) or 6 units (Bridge Program). Registration for DVC classes can be done online from your home country.

Step four: attend in-person orientation

You are required to attend the In-Person Orientation and will then begin classes at DVC.