Steps to Enroll for International Students

Follow these steps if you are planning to get or have an F-1 visa to attend DVC.

Step one: F1 visa

Visit international website to fill out application for F-1 international students:

Submit your application and documents to

Processing may take up to 15 business days after which you will receive an email regarding your application status.

Step two: complete requirements for your DVC application

You will receive an email regarding admission and mailing of your I-20 (invitation to study).

For initial students: You must pay your SEVIS fee before your visa interview. Keep a copy of your receipt. You will go to the US Embassy/Consulate in your home country and apply for your F-1 visa. You will go to the US Embassy/Consulate in your home country and apply for your F-1 visa.

For transfer students: You will receive an email regarding the transfer of your SEVIS record. Once your SEVIS record has been transferred, your DVC I-20 will be issued within one week.

Step three: apply

You must complete the online orientation and student education plan to receive an early registration date.

You are required by law to register in at least 12 units (semester) or 6 units (Bridge Program). Registration for DVC classes can be done online from your home country.

Step four: orientation, assessment, academic advising, and class registration 
You are required to attend the In-Person Orientation and will then begin classes at DVC.


Helpful information


Tuition and enrollment fees will be collected in full at the time of registration.

The estimated costs for the 2017-2018 academic year are as follows:

$ 7,223 Tuition and fees based on 12 units, minimum required for F1 visa students
$ 7,875 Food and housing (based on home stay)
$ 1,854 Books and other educational expenses
$ 1,234 Transportation
$ 3,006 Miscellaneous and Personal
$ 1,200 Mandatory medical insurance (fall and spring/summer)
$22,392 Total estimated cost for academic year

Tuition is subject to change. The bank statement must show total cost for academic year amount or more.

Health insurance

There is an additional cost for mandatory health insurance. The mandatory insurance fee is part of your registration cost, and it is due during the first 15 days after classes begin. The health insurance coverage begins August 10 for the fall semester and January 10 for the spring term. Continuing students who pay on time for the insurance will have continuous coverage. More information about this health insurance is sent when admission to the college is complete. Detailed information on insurance fees and coverage. 

Health certification

We strongly recommend that all students coming to the US to study receive all required vaccinations and are free of tuberculosis. Students should take steps to ensure that they are healthy before they travel to the United States. DVC does not require proof of immunizations.


The DVC International Students Admission office (ISAS) will assist you in finding housing on a non-guaranteed basis. These accommodations include apartments and rooms for rent. However, you are required to make your own connections and financial arrangements for non-guaranteed housing.

The college does not have dormitory facilities. Guaranteed homestays are available for a fee. Please visit Diablo Valley Homestay for information on the guaranteed housing option.  

Please click here for detailed information on housing options.