68th Annual Diablo Valley College Commencement Ceremony





Thank you for all of the awesome participation.
We really enjoyed celebrating with YOU!

Students who uploaded to StageClip will receive an email directly from StageClip on how to download their video.


A huge thank you to Sharrie Bettencourt, Laetitia McCullough, Percy Roper and Ken Statham who put together the ceremony video and made it come alive on our website. Much gratitude to Marina Arevalo, Kristina Gomez, and Ada Ocampo who have been creating employee posts, posting to our Tagboard (social mash up) and at work during the ceremony to keep those posts coming. A big shout out to Bret Peppo and the Music students who contributed to the video. A special thank you to Nick Falasco from Contra Costa College, who did the video closed-captioning. Finally, thanks to the Book Center staff for distributing caps and tassels to our graduates. And of course there were many others who supported this event in so many ways. Thanks to all of them. This is a year we will not forget!