Apply for Disability Support Services

How to apply

First time and returning students need to complete the DVC application online first. After you have a DVC ID number, you may complete the DSS application and attach some verification of disability to it. If you received services in high school, you may include an IEP or 504 plan.  For learning disabilities, please provide DSS with your Psycho-educational report.  If you are working with a physician, psychologist or psychiatrist, attach a letter from your current physician that includes your diagnosis and functional limitations or have your physician complete the Disability Verification form.

Once you have turned in your documentation you will need to meet with a DSS counselor. To continue receiving services from the DSS program you must see a DSS counselor at least once an academic year. During your appointment your documentation will be reviewed by the DSS counselor who will explain the services you are eligible for and how to receive those services.

Step-by-step guide to applying for Disability Support Services (DSS)

Note: In order to receive services all steps below must be completed:

Step 1

Complete and sign a DSS Application for services and attach disability documentation to it.  This documentation can be:

IEP or 504 Plan from high school
Note from doctor or medical provider
Regional Center report
Psycho-educational report
Document from Veterans Affairs
Disability Verification Form completed by professional

Step 2

A DSS staff member will reply to your application with available drop in times for DSS counseling that week. Be sure to check your DVC Insite email for the reply to your application. This email will be sent within a week after submitting your application.

Step 3

Meet with a DSS counselor to create an Academic Accommodation Plan  

Step 4

Sign your Academic Accommodation Plan and complete the accommodation request forms for that semester.

If you are subject to conservatorship governing your education by your parents or other guardians, please submit those documents along with your application.

For questions regarding the DSS application process please email Nichole Santamaria.

Temporary services

If you have a temporary disability, such as sprained ankle, broken leg, or physical limitations due to pregnancy, you must complete an DSS Application for Services and also provide DSS with a letter from your physician or have your physician complete the Disability Verification Form. Students with an obvious visible disability may also request visual verification by visiting the DSS office, SSC 248.

Eligibility requirements

Individuals with mobility, visual, hearing, speech, learning, intellectual, and mental health disabilities, as well as those who have acquired brain injuries, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism, chronic or intermittent health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, seizure disorders, cardiac disorders, multiple sclerosis, pulmonary disorders, or carpal tunnel syndrome may benefit from available services.

Required documentation

Future DSS students must submit proof of their disability. This can be from any licensed medical provider or psychologist specifically stating what the student is being treated for. Please refer to the checklist above or have your medical provider fill out the Disability Verification Form

Priority registration policy and guidelines

It is often important for students with disabilities to enroll in specific sections of a course. They may need to arrange for interpreter services, convert text books into alternate format, or coordinate other accommodations. In addition, the actual process of registration can be especially difficult and stressful for many students with disabilities. As a result, DSS offers priority registration to qualified students.

To receive priority registration students must be registered through the DSS department and have completed all three steps. Priority registration helps students to pick classes early and eliminates the stress of not being able to get in a desired class. All students must meet with a DSS counselor once a term for priority registration to continue as well as update their accommodations.

Counselors will be available on drop-in appointments the week before priority registration to meet and discuss future classes as well as issues regarding registration dates. 

Keep in mind high school students concurrently enrolled are not eligible for priority registration. Students on any level of probation will not be eligible for priority registration and will have to complete an appeal form with a counselor.