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EOPS Services for Spring 2020 - Important COVID-19 modifications (3-23-20)

The college has suspended all face-to-face classes and face-to-face student interactions on both campuses beginning Monday, March 16. All campus facilities will be closed to students to minimize the spread of the coronavirus until further notice. Beginning Wednesday, March 18,  the college is now delivering classes and student support services remotely. 

EOPS has modified services to be able to support students remotely. The college and the program are closing monitoring local and national reports about the spread of COVID-19. We will update students through email communication and by webpage updates. Please monitor your DVC InSite email accounts. Contact our office by email if you have questions. 

We recognize this is a challenging time for everyone. The program welcomes your feedback and input so we can help you continue to be a successful student. We invite you to please take a moment to answer this brief survey.
Your health and safety are of the utmost important to us. If you have questions or concerns, please email or call the EOPS office.

Progress reports

Now that the college has moved to online and remote instruction and services, EOPS progress reports can only be submitted online. To allow time for the transition of faculty, students, and staff to this new online format, the progress report deadline has been extended to Friday, April 10, 2020.

The progress report form is available online. During this period of remote instruction, you may use the online version of the form to send to your instructors for feedback. 

To submit your completed EOPS progress reports remotely, please follow these steps:

  1. Using your DVC InSite email, email your completed EOPS progress. If progress reports are received from a non-DVC InSite email, you will be asked to resend using InSite.
  2. In the subject line and/or body of the email, please include your full name and student ID.

Progress report frequently asked questions:

Q: What if I completed my progress reports before the campus went online? How do I submit my paper progress reports?

A: If you completed progress reports before the closure and need to submit a paper progress report, you can take a photo of your progress report and email it to EOPSCARE@dvc.edu.

Q: What if my instructor is having trouble using the progress report form?

A: If your instructor is not able to fill out the online form, it is okay to ask them to email you or the EOPSCARE@dvc.edu address directly with a written description about how you are doing in the class. 

Mid-semester check-ins

Mid-semester check-ins (previously called peer visits) will now be conducted one-on-one with an EOPS staff person over the phone by appointment. 

Please use this link to schedule your mid-semester check-in with EOPS.


EOPS counseling appointments are available and can be conducted over the phone. To book an appointment, email EOPS or the Counseling Department. In your email, please include the following information:

  • Name:
  • ID#:
  • Days/times available:
  • Major:
  • Which EOPS counselor you want to see (any): [indicate no preference if you do not wish to specify a counselor]
  • Contact Phone #: 
  • Have you attended other colleges? Yes or No
  • What topics would you like to discuss with your counselor? [If you need to schedule a 70 unit evaluation, please indicate that here]


EOPS tutoring is now available online! Hours are Monday-Friday, 9 am - 3 pm

To receive tutoring services, log onto Zoom.

Once in Zoom, you will first enter a group “room” and then go to a private “room” with your tutor. Tutors will provide instructions for moving to private tutoring rooms.

If you need to communicate directly with a tutor, here are their DVC email addresses and subjects:

Our Mission/Vision Statement

Diablo Valley College EOPS recognizes systemic and societal disadvantages exist for our students. Therefore, as a student support program, our goal is to create a safe environment that is inclusive, supportive, and conducive to academic success. We continually strive to improve ourselves by bettering our own mindsets, practices, and the services we provide. EOPS is committed to transforming the experiences of our students and nurturing their growth.

In EOPS, we believe in our students’ potential and work to cultivate their success through collaborative and holistic support. We strive to build relationships, develop community, and equip students with the skills to be successful both here and beyond DVC. In connecting students to comprehensive student support services, we are the “go-to” resource to help students successfully navigate higher education.

To our students: We are honored to be a part of your journey and we are here for you!

CARE Program: assistance for single parent EOPS students

Single parent EOPS students with dependent children receiving CalWORKs county cash aid either for themselves and/or their children may also qualify for the Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) program. CARE provides additional support services such as study-time child care grants, supply vouchers, daily meal on campus, and specialized workshops and events.

Visit the CARE home page for more information.

Please come visit the EOPS/CARE Office on the first floor of the Student Services Center (Room SSC-127).

EOPS information

Spring 2020 application period is now closed

EOPS is no longer accepting applications for new Spring 2020 applications. However, we will begin accepting applications for new Fall 2020 students in late April/early May. Please check back to access our online application. 

If you would like to add yourself to our EOPS program interest list to receive notification when our applications reopen, please use this online form.

New requirements established to receive a priority registration date

As of Fall 2014, in order for students, including EOPS students, to receive a Priority Registration date, the following must be completed:

1. Complete the DVC Online Orientation
2. Take the Math and English assessments
3. Create an Education Plan 

EOPS in the news

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For more information, visit the EOPS-CARE Office located on the first floor of the Student Services Center (Room 127) on the main DVC campus in Pleasant Hill. Contact us by phone at 925-969-2123 or 925-969-2117.

Office hours

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