DVC Scholarships

The DVC Foundation offers numerous scholarships funded through donations from alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of DVC.  The online DVC Scholarship Application opens on October 31, 2019.  Review the information below to learn more about the DVC scholarship application process. 


  • You must be enrolled in at least 6 units at DVC for both the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters and must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0.
  • You do not need to wait until you have registered for the Spring 2020 semester to start the application process.
  • The additional criteria for each scholarship varies and may include financial need, declaration of a particular major, community service, and/or other requirements.

To learn more about DVC scholarships and their specific requirements, please refer to the comprehensive list of scholarships in the online DVC Scholarship Application portal.

Application deadline

The deadline to submit the application is Thursday, February 13, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

How to apply

DVC students may apply through the online DVC Scholarship Application portal starting Thursday, October 31, 2019.  The scholarship opportunities are listed on the application homepage, and you will be able to apply for all DVC scholarships with a single online application.  You are not required to select individual scholarships for which you would like to receive consideration, as the auto-match feature of the application will automatically match your application to the scholarships for which you meet the minimum criteria. 

On the application homepage, click on the "Sign In" button located in the upper right hand corner of the page.  You will be prompted to enter your InSite Portal username and password to access the application.

For detailed information about the application process, please refer to the Online DVC Scholarship Application Instructions.  You may save your application prior to submission and access the application again if you are not able to complete all of the questions in one session.  After you submit your scholarship application, you will be able to make updates until the scholarship application deadline. You will also be able to monitor the status of your reference requests.

Additional application requirements

You must upload your unofficial DVC transcript as part of the application process.

  • Unofficial DVC transcripts are accessible via InSite Portal.
  • Instructions for accessing your unofficial DVC transcript are provided in the application.

You must write a 500-word essay in which you will be asked to:

  • Discuss your educational and career goals
  • Provide information about your financial need
  • Discuss your campus involvement
  • Provide any examples of community service and/or leadership
  • Highlight any other strengths which you feel make you a strong candidate for a scholarship
  • Consider including information about special or unique circumstances and/or examples of life-changing experiences

You must secure two references.

  • At least one reference must be from a DVC faculty member (professor, instructor, teacher, librarian, or academic counselor).
  • The second reference can be from another individual who knows you professionally or academically (a second DVC faculty member, a DVC staff member, a supervisor, a high school teacher/counselor, a community leader/member, etc.).  Recommendation forms submitted by family members, relatives, or friends will not be considered.
  • Your recommenders should be able to highlight your academic performance, leadership abilities, community service activities, and/or other strengths/attributes which they feel make you a strong candidate for a scholarship.
  • In the application, you will be prompted to provide the email addresses of your recommenders so that they can receive instructions by email for submitting the recommendation forms through the Online DVC Scholarship Application portal.  Please ask your recommenders to serve as references and obtain their permission prior to entering their email addresses in your scholarship application.  After you have entered the email addresses of your recommenders in the online application, the system will automatically send them your request with a link to submit the recommendation form.
  • You can log in to your application and click on the "References" tab to confirm that your recommenders have submitted their recommendation forms.
  • The DVC Scholarship Committee recommends that DVC faculty and staff complete a recommendation form for no more than three DVC scholarship applicants.  If more than three recommendations are being submitted, the DVC Scholarship Committee suggests that recommenders do their best to differentiate them.


Scholarship award notifications will be emailed to recipients by the first week in May each year.  The email will provide details of the scholarship award, including the name of the scholarship, the amount of the award, and information regarding disbursement.  Applicants who are not selected to receive a scholarship are also notified by the first week in May.

External scholarships

Additional scholarship opportunities are available from external organizations and private donors. Learn how to find and apply for external scholarships.

Contact Scholarship Office


Telephone: 925-969-2094

Email: scholarships@dvc.edu

Fax: 925-691-1132 

Office location: SSC building, first floor Pleasant Hill campus map


Office hours
Monday-Thursday: 8 am - 5 pm
Friday: 8 am - 3 pm

Drop-in hours (photo ID required)
Monday: 9 am - 12 pm
Tuesday: 1 - 4 pm
Thursday: 9 am - 12 pm
Friday: By appointment


Telephone: 925-969-2094

Email: scholarships@dvc.edu

Fax: 925-691-1132 

Office location

West building, Admissions and Records, San Ramon campus map 

Drop-in hours (photo ID required)

Wednesday: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.