Scholarship Resources and Tips

We know that applying for scholarships can be overwhelming. Here are some resources and tips that may be helpful.  

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Writing an effective scholarship essay

Many scholarship applications include an essay component.  Scholarship organizations are interested in learning about your background, goals, and future plans, and some will ask you to provide information about your financial need.  Here are our tips for writing an effective scholarship essay.

Letters of recommendation

Scholarship organizations often request that applicants submit letters of recommendation. Typically, they ask for one to three letters from faculty, community leaders, or employers. Make sure you read the application thoroughly for the number of letters required and specific guidelines. For additional tips, please refer to our Letter of Recommendation Checklist.

Thank you letters

Scholarships are made possible through generous donations from individuals, foundations, community organizations, businesses, and corporations.  Although not required, a thank you letter not only recognizes the value of the scholarship contribution but also encourages continued support for scholarship programs. For guidelines and tips for writing a thank you letter, please refer to our Thank you letter tips.

Avoiding scholarship scams

Be careful of scholarship scams.  For more information about avoiding scholarship scams, please refer to Tips for avoiding scholarship scams.

Scholarships and financial aid

It is required that all scholarship awards be reported to the Financial Aid Office of the college at which you are currently enrolled or will be attending. Scholarships are considered financial resources that offset the cost of attending college and are considered as part of the student's financial aid package if the student is receiving financial aid.

Scholarships and taxes

Scholarships may or may not be taxable by the IRS. For more information about scholarships and taxes, please refer to the Scholarship and taxes information.

Scholarship search engines may be used to search for scholarship opportunities. Please note that DVC does not endorse or recommend any particular organizations, points of view, products, or services offered by these outside sites and does not assume responsibility for the information listed. Students should carefully review all scholarship information.

Scholarship resources for foster youth

Scholarship resources for international students

Scholarship resources for undocumented students

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