Work-Study (Find a Job on Campus)

There are jobs available on campus for eligible students.


Work-study quick facts

Name Federal Work-Study
Type and source Need-based, provided by the Federal Government
Financial aid amount Varies
How to apply

1. Complete FAFSA

2. Complete Federal Work Study Eligibility form

Renewal Annually


Important information about work-study

  • The work-study program provides part-time jobs to help you pay your education costs.
  • Work-study funds are limited, therefore priority is given to students who demonstrate the highest financial need.
  • Indicate "yes" on the FAFSA to being interested in Federal Work-Study to be considered for an award.
  • You must maintain a 2.0 GPA and enroll in at least half-time while participating in work-study.
  • You are required to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • You are limited to a maximum of 20 hours of work per week through work-study.
  • Consideration will be given to renewal students who meet all federal financial aid eligibility requirements.
  • If you are working at a Contra Costa Community College District college campus you are subject to district hiring policies.
  • You must not begin working until you have received notification from Financial Aid that your hiring process is complete and you award was approved.

Benefits of being employed through work-study

  • Your salary is funded by the government and Diablo Valley College,
  • Flexible work schedule that prioritizes school,
  • Great opportunity to gain work experience while in school,
  • Income earned does not count towards Expected Family Contribution (EFC),
  • Wages vary depending on position,
  • Jobs are on or off campus.

DVC online job board

Students who are interested in the Federal Work-Study Program are encouraged to:

All financial aid students are required to check their DVC student email account through InSite on a regular basis in order to receive notifications, file status updates, announcements, and further instructions from the Financial Aid Office. Follow the link for instructions on how to check your financial aid status through InSite.

Financial Aid school codes:

  • DVC FAFSA Federal School Code: 001191
  • DVC CA DREAM Act Application School Code: 00119100

Contact Financial Aid


Telephone: 925-969-2009


Fax: 925-691-1132 

Office location: SSC building, first floor Pleasant Hill campus map

Office location

Admissions and Records, San Ramon campus map