Student Life

The Margaret Lesher Student Union Building serves as a central hub for student engagement, campus involvement, inclusive activities and events, and student leadership development. The Student Life Office Staff work in partnership with ASDVC, student clubs, campus departments, colleagues and community to bring various co-curricular experiences to campus.

Covid-19 Emergency Grant

Are you facing unexpected expenses as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to remote classes and services or are your facing financial difficulty meeting your cost of attendance? If so, you may be eligible for the COVID-19 Emergency Grant! Students enrolled for fall 2021 can apply for a one-time $1000 grant to help with books, supplies, housing, food, transportation, technology needs, health care, child care and other costs. Don’t let a financial emergency keep you from completing your educational goals at DVC! Funds are limited! Apply now!

The Student Life Office introduced DVCsync to the campus community approximately three years ago. This online platform provides student organizations more visibility, help them operate more effectively, stay connected, and submit forms electronically. Additionally, it allows all students an opportunity to become more involved on campus in various ways! 

View, register or join a DVC student organization now on DVCsync!

DVCsync serves as the online portal for all clubs, Associated Students of DVC, and the Inter-Club Council. This online program creates one central location for all clubs and a student government presence, enriches communication for all students, streamlines club program application, renewal, and event requests. DVCsync also features: file management, people groups, polling, discussion board, direct messaging, and help with officer and/or advisor transitions providing a digital history. Students and staff can browse organizations and join. In addition, there is a mobile APP that you can download. Check it out today and join a few clubs.

The Student Life Office is the primary source of information about:

  • Student Organizations - student government ASDVC and Inter Club Council of campus clubs;
  • The voluntary $5 Student Activity Fee allows student government to provide funding for student-related activities and services. Refund forms and process are available on-line, Pleasant Hill Campus Cashier's office, Student Life office and Welcome Center, San Ramon Campus Admissions and Records Office;
  • College Success Workshops and Brown Bag Workshop Series; Enhance your college success by attending one of the workshops in the Student Union Conference Room. Workshops are held in fall and spring only.

Got Questions banner
DVC offers help in many different formats. Please visit our "Got questions" webpage to learn more.

Additional services

Photo I.D. cards - the DVC "Connect Card"

The Student Life Office hours for in person operation Fall 2021 are Wednesdays, Thursdays, 8:30-5:00 pm and Fridays 10-2 pm.  In order to obtain your Student I.D. you must be enrolled, on a class roster, for a minimum of 24 hours and present an alternative form of photo I.D. such as a Drivers License or Passport. No charge for Black and White I.D. Card. Color Photo I.D. Cards are available for a fee in the Student Union Building only.

Student Union computer lab - Opening Fall 2021

The computer lab provides pay-for-print services at 10 cents per copy. Students will need to load money to their DVC Student I.D. card in order to use this service.

ASDVC discount stickers 

Stickers are always on sale! Students receive a five percent discount on all Campus Book Center purchases, entrance to athletic games and discounts into performing arts events.  In addition, there are local community business partners that also giver various discounts. Stickers are $10 per semester

Housing/apartment information

DVC does not have on-campus housing. Those who are LOOKING FOR A ROOM or RENTING A ROOM can fill out a housing information card at the Student Life Office.
Please note: students contact the lessor directly. Any rental agreements entered into are between the students and the lessor as individuals and are not the responsibility of Diablo Valley College.

Also, check out the Basic Needs Housing web page.

Fax service

Domestic faxes are sent and received for $1 per page (not including cover page).

Food pantry

The DVC food pantry provides emergency, supplemental food to DVC students to assist in fighting food insecurities one step at a time.

Posting flyers ( DVC Procedure 3025.01) - Available Fall 2021

There are eight (8) bulletin boards on campus within our purview. You must provide the Student Life Office eight (8) copies of your flyer. Posting is done weekly by Student Life staff. First priority is given to DVC events and information, on a space-available basis. Lowest priority is given to off campus commercial advertisements. Any posting on these boards lacking the appropriate approval stamp will be removed. The location of these boards are LA Quad Area (5) Library (1) Crows Nest (1)  PE Mens Locker Room (1)

Direct solicitation to staff or students - Available Fall 2021

Vendors interested in conducting solicitation or sales to staff and students on campus must submit a completed contract to the Student Life Office.  DVC Procedure 3025.02Vendor Interest Letter;  Vendor Contract

Free expression and distribution of non-commercial materials - DVC Procedure 3025.03 and District Student Services Procedure 3025One (1) self service free speech bulletin board is located on campus near the BFL Building and parking lot 7.

Other helpful links

The following programs are not housed within the DVC Student Life Office. Links are provided for informational purposes only.

Transportation information - The DVC Book Center sells County Connection monthly bus passes. Schedules are available at the DVC Transit Center and the County Connection website. Student Life Office does not sell bus passes or BART tickets.

Commute program - Ride sharing information and registration is available at Carpool Ride match Registration is also available at and

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) web site - with trip planner, schedules and ticket information

Domestic Student Health Insurance Information - Plan sponsored by the Community College League of California

Student Dental Insurance - Plan sponsored by the Community College League of California

Student Assistance Program Information - MHN Clinical Counseling for stress, grief, alcohol and drug dependency as well as work and life services such as financial, legal, identity theft recovery, childcare and eldercare assistance services are available for eligible members. Call toll free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week (800) 227-1060 TDD (800) 327-0801

Voter registration State of California online voter registration

Contact Student Life

Office location: Margaret Lesher Student Union, Pleasant Hill campus map

Manager Todd Farr 925-969-4271
Administrative Assistant II Wynona Jordan-Thomas 925-969-4267
Program Coordinator (Clubs) John Christensen 925-969-4265
Front Desk   925-969-4270  
Program Assistant (Food Pantry)
Dietra Prater-Slack  925-969-2355
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Fall hours (remote)
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8 am - 5 pm 8 am - 5 pm 8 am - 5 pm 8 am - 5 pm 8:30 am - 4 pm
Food Pantry hours

The Food Pantry Fall hours (in person)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Closed Closed 10:30 am - 4:30 pm 10:30 am - 4:30 pm 10 - 2 pm