Serving student organizations, student government, and club advisors

DVCsync is your access to our online community to get and stay connected with engagement activities and events. This convenient online system provides one central location for student clubs and student government; enriches communication for all students; and streamlines club paperwork.


DVCsync serves all DVC clubs, Associated Students of DVC, and the Inter-Club Council

As a user you will be able to do the following with ease:

  • check out the community events on the new CORQ APP; CORQ
  • search involvement opportunities and request to join student organizations;
  • strengthen internal collaboration and communication with organization members and leaders as well as staff and faculty advisors.

Find organizations & Stay Connected

Join up with the organizations you are already a member of or find out what else is going on in your area. With DVCsync you can easily view, register or join a DVC student organization in minutes.

Keep track of involvement

Record your activities and memberships to showcase your involvement while on campus.

DVCsync features:

  • Event planning
  • File management
  • Individual Involvement log
  • Club Elections
  • Messaging

DVCsync is sponsored by the Student Life Office. Have questions about using DVCsync? Email the Student Life Office with any questions, comments or concerns or download the DVCsync User Guide (coming soon).