Student Life Forms and Documents

Student Union Facilities Use Request (online form)

Conference Attendance, Medical Consent, and Consent and Release Form (PDF Fill-in-Form)

Voluntary Activities Participation Form (PDF Fill-in-Form)

Student Organization Handbook (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Club Constitution General Outline Form (PDF)

ASDVC Funds Request (for on-campus NON-CLUBS) (DVCsync electronic form)

Temporary Food Event Permit - Contra Costa County form (PDF)

Check list sign off form and ASDVC Check Request Form (PDF)
(disbursement form for all Student Organizations: Clubs, ICC and ASDVC funds)

IRS W-9 Fill in Form
(required from vendors providing services and supplies to Student Organizations)

Club Cash Handling Checklist and Acknowledgment (PDF Fill-in-Form)

Club Forms Available on DVCsync and go to the forms tab in your club portal