Inter Club Council (ICC)

The Inter Club Council (ICC)  is recognized and funded by the Associated Students of Diablo Valley College (ASDVC). It consists of elected representatives from the various campus clubs. ICC meetings are held hybrid in person and online via Zoom and provide a forum for clubs to discuss upcoming events and ideas, vote on funding proposals, and collaborates regarding student issues.

All clubs must have a representative attend the Inter-Club Council (ICC) meetings  held on Thursdays from 3:30-5 pm, September 8 - November 17, 2022.  Join via Zoom here.

The meeting Agenda will be posted on the window of the SU-204 Conference Room as per the Brown Act and can be accessed in the documents Tab of the ICC page in DVCsync – Engage; login to DVCsync - Engage using your Insite login.

If your club is in the activity planning phase please plan the activity date for two to four weeks in advance to allow coordination and processing of requests per the Inter Club Council By Laws.

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Visitxay (Xay) Hanmonty, Inter Club Council Chair

Dustin Kok, ICC Vice Chair


Timothy Tjoa, Commissioner of Internal Accord


Jessica Saputra, Commissioner of Historic Record & Publicity


Ryu Kakuta, Commissioner of Activities

Frederick Goh

Frederick Goh, Commissioner of Tech & Outreach Operations


Hunter Jakubielski, ICC Commissioner of Finance


Ellen Lie, Commissioner of Parliamentary Procedure

Manali Syeda

Manahil Syeda, Commissioner of Administrative Affairs

ICC Governing Documents and Related Resources