Student Union Center at Diablo Valley College

The students of Diablo Valley College voted for the construction of a new Student Union Center in April of 1990. The Margaret Lesher Student Union Building serves as a laboratory of citizenship, training future leaders in social responsibility and leadership in democratic aspects of society. The idea became a reality on January 21, 1998 when the building was opened. Now DVC students can utilize the facilities and the services provided at the Student Union.

Upper level of the Student Union Center

Computer Lab Room 201

There are 11 computers for student use and one designated for the SU Lab Assistant. A student I.D. (the CONNECT CARD) is required for printing (10 cents per page). Cash value may be added to the CONNECT CARD in this computer lab.

Student Meeting Rooms 202 (A, B, and C) (aka Quiet Room)

This area has soft sofas, study tables with chairs outside of three small meeting rooms. Each meeting room has the seating capacity for eight. Please reserve through the Student Union Building Use request form, There are no media services in these rooms. 

Student Union Conference Room 204

A large conference room with seating capacity for 74. Please reserve through the Student Union Building Use request form, Media services available in room; LCD projector, large projection screen, white board, sound system, and Microphone.

Student Life Office Room 205

This office houses the Student Life Program Manager and the Student Life Support Staff. You can obtain your DVC student I.D. (aka CONNECT CARD) as well purchase and receive your ASDVC discount sticker. Please see the Student Life Office webpage for a list of other services provided. 

ASDVC and Club Work Room 207

Copier, computers and printer are available for club and ASDVC business use only. Storage cabinets are available for club files. These rooms are shared spaces and may not be reserved. No meetings are allowed in these rooms. Please contact the Student Life Office staff to reserve other space for your committee or club meeting.

ASDVC President's Office Room 209

This room houses the President of the Associated Students of Diablo Valley College. The ASDVC President may also be contacted via email: 

Club Meeting Room 210

Clubs and ASDVC committee meeting are held in this medium size room with a seating capacity for 25. Please reserve through the Student Union Building Use request form, Media service available in room; white board, LCD Projector, screen and sound system.  

Lower level of the Student Union Center

Recreation Room 101 and Room 101A - Temporary Food Pantry Annex through Summer 2023

The larger portion of the room has tables and chairs and is open to all students, except during Club meetings and approved events. A sign will be posted to announce official club activities and meetings.

A small storage and paint area is located within room 101 with water access located in the nearby men and women restrooms. This small glass room is the designated location for ASDVC and Club painting projects. The room remains locked when not in use. Members of ASDVC and clubs must register at the Student Life Office to obtain access to the paint room.

Room 111 - Under Construction, Expected to reopen September 2023

This room was repurposed by ASDVC Diversity Affairs Committee and approved by the Senate to serve as a venue for: Basic Needs, Dreamer, Health, LGBTQ+, and SparkPoint Center to provide direct student services.

Outside areas of the Student Union Center

Student Union Back Patio (facing Duck Pond)

Located lower level outside the Basement Cafe this grassy area overlooks the campus duck pond. Please reserve through the Student Union Building Use request form, Electrical outlet available on cement patio and amplified sound is allowed.

Student Union Building Request forms are submitted to the Student Union Building Committee for criteria review. This standing committee meets weekly during the fall and spring term. The committee is chaired by the ASDVC Secretary. Completed request forms should be emailed to or brought to the Student Life Office. Summer term request forms should be submitted directly to the Student Life Office where it will be reviewed for approval by the Program Manager or designee.