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Chair:      Hopi Breton
Art Digital Media Kevin Leeper
Division: Applied and Fine Arts
Directory: Art faculty and staff

Possible career opportunities

Career options include professions engaged in creating works of art as an artist, painter, sculptor, ceramist, engraver, printmaker, metal smith, illustrator, designer, muralist, and jeweler. Some careers requiring an education beyond the associate degree include: art critic, art dealer, educator, historian, arts administrator, advertising specialist, computer graphics illustrator, display designer, gallery director, and visual information specialist. 

Associate degree and certificate program information

Degrees and certificates offered by the Art Department

Associate in arts degrees

  • Fine arts (ART)

Associate in arts for transfer

  • Art history for transfer (ART)
  • Studio art for transfer (ART)   

Certificates of achievement

  • Ceramics (ART)
  • Painting and Drawing (ART)
  • Printmaking (ART) 

Art Department Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Art Department class schedules


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Bersamina, Leo

Breton, Hopi

Broom, Joy (Emeritus)

Jenkins, Jeremiah

Finnegan, James

Fisher, Jane

Gamez, Aida

Jackson, Alex

King, Arthur Scott

Krup, Michele

Ladewig, Carol

Leisure, Jerry (Emeritus)

Lyons, Tarra

McDade, Karl

Messenger, Mark

Sanchez, Eric

Sugita, Toru

Wilson, Amy