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Instructors use Canvas to communicate with students, share materials, post and collect assignments, provide feedback and more. Learn more about Canvas basics and troubleshooting below!

Canvas Basics

How do I access Canvas?
How do I add my Canvas courses for this term?

Courses are added via InSite and automatically populate on Canvas. Courses you are enrolled in will automatically appear in Canvas on the first day of the term. Just log into Canvas on your course start date to begin!

How can I get my Canvas Expert Badge?

For hands on practice, take our training course and get your Canvas Expert Badge!  (Typical time to complete is 30 minutes.)

How do I change my display name on Canvas?
How do I check my grades on Canvas?

Please note: Not all faculty use Canvas for grading, so check your course syllabus for detailed information about how your instructor keeps track of grades.  If your instructor does use Canvas, see:


What if I forgot my username or password?

Your Canvas username and password are the same as your InSite username and password.  If you forgot your username/password, click "Look up username" or "Forgot password" on the InSite login page

For additional help, contact District IT:

Why don't I see all my courses in Canvas?
  • All hybrid and online classes should have a Canvas shell.  If you don't see a shell for an on campus course, your instructor may have chosen not to publish his/her Canvas shell. 
  • Confirm your enrollment in the class through InSite. 
  • If you are enrolled via InSite, email your instructor to see if he/she plans to publish and use Canvas to communicate with students.  Check your course syllabus for your instructor's preferred method of contact and/or check out the DVC Faculty Directory.
I added a course during late registration. Why don't I see the course on Canvas?
  • Make sure your instructor has provided add authorization and you have accepted the authorization so the course shows up on your schedule in InSite.  (Learn more about late registration.) 
  • There is a short delay between the time you accept add authorization for a class and your class appearing in Canvas.   InSite "talks to" Canvas periodically through each day.  If your instructor is using Canvas, your class shell will appear within 6 hours.
  • If you still don't see your shell and it has been more than 6 hours since you've accepted add authorization, contact Admissions & Records for help and let your instructor know you are experiencing access issues (DVC Faculty Directory).
One of my Canvas courses disappeared mid-term. What happened?
  •  Check InSite to confirm you are still enrolled in the course.  InSite communicates with Canvas, so if you have been dropped from a class for non-attendance, you will no longer see that course in your Dashboard.
  • If you are still officially enrolled in the course, check to see if your Canvas shell is in another spot. In the global navigation menu (far left), click "Courses," then click "All Courses."  Here is where you will see a list of past and present Canvas shells. Courses with a highlighted star show up on your Dashboard.  To add your course back to your Dashboard, click the star next to the course name. 
  • If you are still officially registered, but your course does not appear on your Canvas "Dashboard" or "All Courses" list, contact Admissions & Records for help and let your instructor know you are experiencing Canvas access issues (DVC Faculty Directory).
My instructor uses other technology besides Canvas. Where do I learn more?
What if my question isn't answered here?
  • Access 24/7 Canvas Chat support.  When logged into Canvas, click "Help" in the global navigation menu (far left) and select "Chat with Canvas Support (Student)."
  • Search the complete Canvas Student Guides.
  • Get peer help on campus or online through DVC's Student Centers.