Counseling 095 - Educational Planning for New Students

Register for and complete our Counseling class

COUNS-095 - Education Planning (or COUNS-096 for student athletes)

New students with less than 12 units should register for and complete our Education Planning class – COUNS-095 (or COUNS-096 for student athletes).

If you have applied for Summer/Fall as a new college student/high school graduate, and have completed the Online Orientation and the English and Math Placement process in the Steps to Enroll, you can register for COUNS 095/096 in InSite.

To choose a section of COUNS 095 (or 096 for student athletes), follow the steps to enroll or watch the enrollment video.

If you have trouble registering, please go to the admissions registration site and use the chat feature to get assistance. 

For other questions, please see the "How To" series of guides. For video assistance, please check our video library.

Class Requirements

You will need internet access for this class, and it will take place online via Canvas. You will access Canvas via our InSite portal by selecting the Canvas tile. For help learning to use Canvas, please check out the Canvas Quick Start Guide. For other technology and online learning questions, please refer to our Online Learning Resources.

How to Scan from an Android and iPhone

You will need Internet access for this class, and it will take place online via Canvas (our Learning Management System). You will access Canvas via our InSite portal by selecting the Canvas tile. The instructor will communicate with you via your InSite e-mail account. Please make sure to check it daily. (Please note that COUNS-096 – for athletes is taught via Zoom.)


If you intend to be a student athlete at DVC, view the “How do student athletes get started at DVC?Add Form

The Counseling 095/096 course will cover; educational planning, overview of the higher education system in California, identification of educational and career goals, academic assessment, effective course selection, how to schedule your classes, counseling and advising and campus services.

If you are a graduating high school senior or a new college student, and you want to meet with a counselor before the first day of fall semester, you will need to enroll in the Summer Counseling 095 class.

DVC Counselors do not meet with high school students unless it is through the Counseling 095 class. We refer all high school students to their high school counselors, career centers, or their principals office.

Once the fall term begins DVC college students may schedule a 45 minute counseling appointment. During the fall term, we also have Express Counseling (15 minute drop-in session) each day for quick questions.

Steps to enroll

Please visit this webpage for steps to enroll.

For course and program information refer to the DVC Catalog

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