We welcome your questions. You may wish to review our FAQ page first to see if your question already has an answer. Email questions should be short and pertain to academic advising issues only. Appropriate questions include deadline dates, general requirements to transfer, and requirements for degrees or certificates.

This format should not be used to ask a counselor to identify which classes a student should take for a term.* 

The address for email counseling is eadvisor@dvc.edu 

E-SARS is an online appointment system that is available in the fall and spring term. This appointment program is designed for college students who have a DVC ID# and who have only attended DVC, to schedule a 30 minute counseling appointment.  This program is not available to high school students.

Cranium Cafe / Zoom web chat counseling

The Counseling Department has Cranium Cafe and Zoom counseling appointments available for quick questions with brief answers similar to the criteria listed in the "E-Counseling" section on this page.  Please contact the front office if you need to schedule a web chat counseling appointment.


Online courses

DVC online classes

California Virtual Campus

Free online classes

*Occasionally, we may respond to your question with the following statement, "Please make a counseling appointment". This is because the question is most likely complex and may require detailed background information, research, and/or counselor assistance. Transcript evaluation, career and personal counseling are not available online. Please make a counseling appointment for assistance with these issues.