We welcome your questions online. You may wish to review our FAQ page first to see if your question already has an answer. If not, please review the following options to connect with a DVC Counselor online.

Option 1 - Schedule a 45-minute E-Counseling Videochat Appointment 

The Counseling Department offers 45-minute E-Counseling appointments to discuss questions in a live videochat format.

What we can do in 45-Minute E-Counseling Appointments:

This service is intended to help students discuss many academic questions with one of our counselors in a 45-minute live videochat session using Zoom or Cranium Cafe. This option should be selected if you have very specific or technical questions about course selection, degree completion, choosing a major, transferring, or to receive information about various college policies outside of the traditional face-to-face appointment.

  • Make course recommendations based on major, degree goal, or transfer plans
  • Provide guidance & resources on selecting a major
  • Interpret placement test results for course selection
  • Provide degree checks (completion of AA/AS degrees) if all courses were completed within the district
  • Discuss DVC course prerequisites and co-requisites
  • Complete Academic Renewal applications
  • Explain holds and the process to have them removed
  • Refer students to other campus resources, policies, and procedures
  • Provide contact information for various college departments and staff
  • Give academic calendar information

What cannot be done in 45-Minute E-Counseling Appointments:

  • Transcript evaluations for courses taken outside the district
  • Review courses from other community colleges or universities
  • Authorize course substitutions
  • Verify receipt of transcripts, forms, and financial aid documents by campus offices
  • Provide Financial Aid or Pre-Admission Counseling
  • Review UC application essays / Personal Insight Questions
  • Provide specialized counseling for students requiring mental health counseling
  • Appointments requiring 1-hour, as these are scheduled separately, send an email to counselingappt@dvc.edu or call 925-969-2140:
    • VA Education Plan / Military transcript Evaluation
    • Academic Dismissal Educational Plan
    • EOPS 70 unit Evaluation
    • CalWORKs Education Plan
    • Financial Aid - Student Appeal Form for Maximum Time Frame
    • Academic Probation and Dismissal appointments

To schedule a 45-minute E-Counseling Appointment:

Option 2 - Schedule a 30-minute Live Email Chat or Phone Appointment

  • Go to ESARS and schedule your online appointment or send an email to counselingappt@dvc.edu.
  • If you have a quick question for a counselor - send your email to eadvisor@dvc.edu
  • You may also call and schedule an appointment 925-969-2140

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions list before scheduling a 30-minute live email chat or phone appointment with a Counselor. 

Option 3 - Contact E-Counseling through E-Advisor Email

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions list before completing the email inquiry form below to email a DVC CounselorEmail questions should be short and pertain to academic advising issues only. Appropriate questions include deadline dates, general requirements to transfer, and requirements for degrees or certificates. E-Advising should not be used to ask a Counselor to identify which classes a student should take for a term.

*Occasionally, we may respond to your question with the following statement, "Please make a counseling appointment". This is because the question is most likely complex and may require detailed background information, research, and/or counselor assistance. Transcript evaluation, career and personal counseling are not available over email. Please make a counseling appointment for assistance with these issues.

Once an email is submitted, you will receive an email response from a Counselor within 1-2 business days. 

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