Career Academies

2023 Career Academies Information

For updates on Summer 2023 Career Academies, please complete the Academy Interest Card.

DVC Career Academies are short-term college courses designed with high school students in mind but are open to all students during the summer. They allow students to explore various careers fields while earning college credit through hands-on activities.

Below is how to enroll in the career academies and a list of our current career academies. 

Apply, Submit, & Enroll

  1. Apply to DVC (Starting NOW!)
    1. Create a CCCOpen account and then continue on to the DVC application
    2. Receive DVC student ID# (7-digits w/o letters) via email from InSite
    3. Receive InSite and Canvas username and password via email from InSite
  2. Submit Special Admissions Recommendation Form (Starting March 27th)
    1. Make sure you know the course number and section number you are enrolling in
    2. Must be signed by student, parent, and high school counselor
  3. Enroll in DVC course through your InSite Portal (Starting May 22nd)
    1. Make sure you know the course number and section number you are enrolling in


In one week you will learn how to animate and record audio to create your own animation short film.

June 5-9, 2023


Learn about what it takes to start a small business by learning about marketing, accounting, creating a business plan and so much more!

July 17-28, 2023

Cyber Security/Defense

Topics including hacking prevention, system hardening, access control, and system protection.

Intro: June 12-16, 2023

Adv: June 20-24, 2023

Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing

A week-long activity that blends hands-on exploration, problem-solving, industry field visits, and expert industry viewpoints.

Not being offered Summer 2023

Environmental Engineering

Learn about topics such as climate change, wetland ecology and water quality in the Delta region.

July 31-August 4, 2023

FastTRAX: Engineering Technology

Get exploratory hands-on experience in a variety of Engineering and Technical Careers.

July 17-28, 2023

Health Careers

Students have the rare opportunity to visit local healthcare facilities and learn essential healthcare skills.

Offered at PHC & SRC

June 12-16, 2023

Culinary and Hospitality

An exciting overview of current and emerging career opportunities in the hospitality and culinary industry.

June 12-22, 2023


This summer academy allows participants to explore a full range of subjects and associated careers while connecting to local scientists who will share progress being made in genetic  modification, forensics, stem cell research and disease detection and control.

Not being offered Summer 2023


Learn how to make your own music with the tip of your fingers! No experience necessary!

Not being offered Summer 2023

Public Safety 

Explore the various careers in Public Safety including police, fire, and EMS.

Not being offered Summer 2023


Learn about the science and technology involved in robotic systems. Working together, students will design and build circuits and kinematic structures that sense and interact with their environment.

July 3-14, 2023


If you have any questions or need help registering, please contact DVC Career Academies.