Pride Alliance

LGBTQ Advisory GroupDVC's Pride Alliance is a group of faculty, staff, administrators, and students who care deeply about DVC's LGBTQIA+ community. We formed in Spring 2020 in order to push forward several initiatives to strengthen DVC's support for LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff. Our goal is make DVC more welcoming and inclusive.

Our mission

DVC's Pride Alliance goal is to provide safe spaces where LGBTQIA+ students feel welcome and supported by faculty, staff, and the DVC community at large. We provide access to resources, share ideas, and develop programming that advocates for all students, ourselves, and each other. We aim to be a responsive community that listens to LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff, advocates for their well-being, addresses their needs and amplifies their voices. We seek to promote systemic change within the DVC community through dialogue with administration and committees.

Our vision

  • We envision a community where LGBTQIA+ students are heard and centered.
  • We envision a community where all gender and sexual identities are affirmed and celebrated.
  • We envision a community where Black, Indigenous, and people of color are valued and uplifted.
  • We envision a community where our LGBTQIA+ students, staff, and faculty feel love, acceptance, and a sense of emotional well-being.
  • We envision a community where brave spaces connect, retain, and sustain our LGBTQIA students, staff, and faculty.
  • We envision a community of service that is always evolving.

Our values

  • We believe education should acknowledge, honor, and reflect LGBTQIA+ experiences and history.
  • We want students to feel they have allies; to know we care and support them today, tomorrow, and always. We aim to be a responsive community as allies, advocates, and activists both on and off campus.
  • We support students' ability to question, and to be challenged, transformed, and empowered.
  • When students feel free and inspired to be themselves, they are able to inspire others in turn, building a better future for all communities. We use plural for "communities" to acknowledge the intersectionality between gender, race, age, economic standing, ability differences, "legal" status, and spiritual affiliation in our struggle for educational and social justice.

Meet the team

Many members from across the DVC community - students, staff, faculty, and administrators - come together in community for this Pride Alliance. Here are some of the areas represented. Do you want to get involved or have questions? Let us know at

  • Art History Department
  • CARE Team
  • Career Services
  • Communication Department
  • Counseling
  • English Department
  • English Learning Center
  • Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation
  • Library
  • Math Department
  • PUMA Center
  • Social Science Department
  • Student Life
  • Workforce Development