Ways to Save

Balancing school and a busy life can be challenging. That’s why we offer our students a range of free services to help make going to school easier! 

Health and wellness

Basic Needs 

DVC is committed to supporting the basic needs of our students. Our free food pantry can help you keep expenses down, and we can help with referrals for resources for food, housing, and health services.

Menstrual products

That time of the month is stressful enough. DVC’s campuses stock free menstrual products so that you have one less thing to worry about while you’re learning. Find them in the restrooms listed below. 

San Ramon 

  • East Building, Second Floor (across from Room 225)  

Pleasant Hill 

  • Business and Foreign Language Building, Second Floor (across from Room 204)  
  • Administration Building, First Floor (Southside)  
  • Learning Communities Annex/PUMA 5. Student Services Center, Second Floor  
  • Library, First Floor  
  • Student Union, First Floor 8. Women Locker Room, Fitness & Health Building  
  • Fitness and Exercise Building, Second Floor  
  • Planetarium Building, First Floor (near Health Student Center) 


DVC's telehealth program, TimelyCare, makes it easier for you to find care wherever you are, whenever you need it. DVC students get 24/7 FREE medical & mental telehealth on-demand.

Wellness counseling

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, don’t go it alone. DVC offers FREE virtual counseling for registered students through our Wellness Program

Support services

Career Closet

DVC provides free professional attire to help students successfully transition from community college to rewarding careers in the workforce. Learn more about DVC's Career Closet and how to make an appointment.

Financial coaching 

DVC has teamed up with SparkPoint to offer free coaching to DVC students. Get help with financial and credit coaching, legal services and more. 

Tech loans 

Technology can be checked out at no cost to you. You can borrow a calculator, headphones, webcam, Chromebook, or wifi hotspot through our technology loan program!   


Stop by a student center or drop in on a Zoom open session and get free tutoring in many subjects throughout the day. 

Zero  Textbook Cost (ZTC)

blue button with ZTCZero Cost Textbook icon  Some courses do not require students to buy textbooks! If you see one of these icons in the course schedule search, there are no textbook or digital material costs. You may have to pay for lab or art supplies, if required.