Inclusivity & Wellness Center

Basic Needs, Dreamer, Health, LGBTQ+, and SparkPoint Center

Spring 2021 student leaders within Associated Students of Diablo Valley College repurposed the Inclusivity and Wellness Center as a collaborative effort with the college to create the Basic Needs, Dreamer, Health, LGBTQ+ and SparkPoint Center. The expected opening is Spring 2024.

Previously, student leadership within the Associated Students of Diablo Valley College (ASDVC) and Diversity Affairs Committee (DAC), identified a need in 2014 for more inclusive campus space for students. With a committed, steady effort in partnership with the College, the Center was developed and implemented.

Mission Statement and Values

The Inclusivity and Wellness Center shall promote all of the following core values, with an emphasis on social justice and cross cultural empathy and solidarity.

  1. Social Justice
    shall promote equality and make effort to end oppression especially in areas of gender, ethnicity, class, disability, age, sexual orientation and spiritual faith.

  2. Cross Cultural Empathy and Solidarity
    shall promote understanding and appreciation of all cultures and embrace communication between different cultures and unification through mutual respect.

  3. Student leadership
    shall promote opportunities for students to practice leadership and promote collaboration between students, clubs, organizations, staff and faculty.

  4. Freedom of expression
    shall embrace expression of diverse cultures, backgrounds and opinions.

  5. Sustainability
    activities shall be environmental friendly and executed with long-term goals and implications in mind.

  6. Community Building
    shall promote relationship-building to form an inclusive, connected and inviting community.

  7. Academic Outreach
    The Center shall support academic discussions and learning around but not limited to social justice.

The Center is located on the lower level of the Student Union Building, room 111. 

Have questions? Need more information? Want to get involved? Please contact: 

Todd Farr
Phone: 925-969-4271