Welcome to DVC First Year Experience (FYE) Program!


The FYE Program was designed especially for YOU - the first time college student, to assist in your transition from high school to campus life at DVC. Starting college can be both stressful and exciting, but as part of the DVC FYE community, you have support

The First Year Experience Program curriculum is designed to engage students by offering various Learning Communities pathways that are both challenging and collaborative. The spirit of the Learning communities is to educate, as you might expect, but to also build community amongst students and faculty.

Applying to the FYE Program

Step 1:

Complete a DVC Application for fall 2021

Step 2:

Complete the FYE Application
Just takes a few minutes.

Step 3:

Attend one of the FYE Zoom Orientations, Sign the Student Contract, and email it to us.

FYE orientations are only via zoom and they are your opportunity to know more details about the program, meet the FYE staff, understand the program expectations, receive your student contract, and ask questions.

*Important - All FYE students are required to attend this mandatory orientation in order for them to get accepted in the program and receive their permissions to sign up for the FYE specific and reserved sections.

Please note: Spaces are limited to only those who qualify and attend the orientation.


Ok, there is actually a fourth step. It is optional, but we strongly recommend it:

Complete your FAFSA now!

Most of our students don't pay any tuition.

And even if you don't qualify, our enrollment fees are very affordable at $46 per unit for CA residents (or about $1,380 per year). If you need help filling out the FAFSA, contact DVC Financial Aid Office for assistance.

FYE Student Contract

FYE Support

FYE includes the following support for new students:

  • Welcome Day
  • An FYE Learning Community (linked classes with supportive instructors and the same students)
  • A class on College Success Strategies (Counseling 100 or 120)
  • Student College Success Workshops
  • FYE Social events to build your community and promote your success

Contact information

FYE Counselor: Raine Dougan

Campus Office: SSC-220

Email: rdougan@dvc.edu 

Phone: 925-969-2160 (During the campus closure you can reach me at 925-517-3881)

Benefits of the FYE program
  • Guaranteed spots in high demand classes-No competing for classes
  • Embedded academic counseling that focuses on educational and career goals
  • Specialized attention from FYE faculty and staff.
  • Connection with a cohort of students with similar interests and goals. 
  • Opportunity to explore your academic and career interests.
  • Develop positive relationships with peers, staff and faculty
  • Identify and use appropriate campus resources
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Engage in opportunities that contribute to your learning within and beyond the classroom
  • Opportunity to meet new people and form lasting friendships through your involvement in the FYE program
  • Attend College Success Workshops
  • FREE Tutoring (ASC)
  • Faster pathway to achieving goals!


Cathy Fitzgerald 

DVC English Assistant Professor
Office: LC-105
Email: cfitzgerald@dvc.edu

Rosa Armendariz

Rosa Armendariz

Dean of Student Engagement and Equity
Office: 925-969-2233
Email: rarmendariz@dvc.edu
SVRC 106/PUMA Center 107

Noha Basilious

Noha Basilious

FYE Program Coordinator
Email: nbasilious@dvc.edu
PUMA Center 136

Danielle DeFoe

DVC English Faculty


Rosy Lomeli

DVC Adjunct Counseling Faculty


The instructor for your class is Counselor Rosy Lomeli. She came to this country from Mexico when she was 21 years old and went to a community college to learn the English language. It took her about four years to get to English composition as she was working to support herself and to help her family. Then she completed an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts, and transferred to Cal State University East Bay! She obtained a BA in Human Development and a minor in Latino Studies. Loving what she was studying, Counselor Lomeli continued with her education and completed a master’s in social work. Last year, she began a Doctorate program (Ph.D.) in Psychology with an emphasis in Learning, Technology, and Psychology. She is very much fascinated with Emotional Intelligence and Self-efficacy and interested in student success.

Katherine Gebler

DVC English Faculty

925-685-1230, ext. 77198

Dana KriderDana Busche

DVC Social Science Faculty
925-969-1230 ext. 77353

Welcome to Psychology 101! My goal is to make our class informative, and to help make the transition into college life easier. This is my first year teaching in the FYE program, but I have been an instructor here for some time now. It is a great community, and one I am proud to be a part of. I did not grow up in the Bay Area, and was extremely overwhelmed when I first moved here. I eventually found my way around, and am a DVC alum. When I'm not at school I enjoy spending time with my family, and my pups. We’re going to have a great semester.

Danielle Odom

DVC Counseling Faculty
PUMA Center-122

Patrick MoePatrick Moe

DVC Performing Arts/Communication Faculty

I’m excited to work with and learn from each other.

Mariam Worsham Mariam Worshman

DVC Business Faculty

925-685-1230, ext. 78362

Hello everyone! I am excited to be your instructor! I have been teaching business courses at DVC since 2014. Before that, I worked in various marketing and management roles and had my own marketing consultant business. I have an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BBA from the University of Michigan. I enjoy hiking, sailing, gardening, and my three (!) cats. I'm looking forward to meeting you and having an engaging, productive semester!



Yasmin Fathi-Torbaghan

DVC Chemistry Faculty

925-685-1230, ext. 78261

Cyrous Ahmadieh

DVC Mathematics FacultyCyrous image
925-685-1230 ext. 78476

I’ve been an instructor at DVC for the past 6 years, and I've pretty much taught all math courses offered at community college with the exception of a few. Stats is definitely one of my favorites, and I’m excited to be leading you in an online discovery of Stats.
This is my second time with FYE, the first time was a blast, and I'm sure it will be again!
Looking forward to meeting you!

Carol Brown

DVC English Faculty

925-685-1230, ext. 77186

K. KeatingKatrina Keating

DVC Mathematics  Faculty
MA- 120

Stats isn’t exactly Math, it more applied math, which makes it easier to see “the point of it all”. Many of us (me included!) have had bad experiences with math and math teachers, but I hope this class will be different (in a good way!). Regardless, don’t let your past experiences start this class in a bad light. My goal is to support you to learn the material for this class. I will do my best to ensure that whatever life throws at you doesn’t have a negative effect on your success in this class. Keep me in the loop for where you’re at and I’ll work with and support you the best I can. I fully understand that life often throws obstacles in our way and I’ll do my best to help you clear them. Even though we haven’t met, I KNOW you can be successful in this class!

 Farooq Ashraf

DVC Mathematics Faculty

925-685-1230, ext. 77560

Erika Wenstrom

DVC English Faculty

925-685-1230, ext. 78264

Carolyn Warren

DVC Counseling Faculty


Jenny Freidenreich

DVC Math Faculty


Jenny has taught math for over 20 years. She knows not every path through mathematics is well-paved; her commitment to student success is what propels her work. It is Jenny’s belief that with supportive student resources, friendly encouragement, and an engaging, student-centered curriculum, students will not only find success, but appreciation for college math. Jenny earned a Masters of Arts in mathematics and a teaching credential for secondary education from San Francisco State University.


  • DVC Fall 2021 Welcome Day (Coming Soon)

To be eligible for an FYE learning community, students must be:

  • First time college student with no prior college credits (college classes taken during high school are exempted)
  • Eligible for English-122 (College reading and composition)

Fall 2021 Learning Communities Detailed Schedule (Coming Soon)

Allied Health

Science and Health icon

Allied Heath FYE is a Pathway for students wishing to pursue career in an allied health science. Careers include but are not limited to Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Radiography, Sonography, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Health. The Allied Heath Pathway satisfies common prerequisites for various health-related programs and provides students with foundational knowledge in human anatomy, physiology and microbiology.

Class Section Units Details Days Times Instructor
Chemistry 108  2373  4 TBD M/W

 9:35AM – 11AM                    

Yasmin Fathi-Torbaghan
Math 142  3222  4 TBD T/TH  12:45PM – 2:00PM          Cyrous Ahmadieh
English 122  3331  3 TBD T/Th  5:00PM - 6:25PM  Cathy Fitzgerald
Counseling 100  2841  1 TBD M

12:45PM – 1:50PM             

Danielle Odom


Business icon

Business FYE is a Pathway for students who are interested in transfer to a 4-year university in a Business or Economics major. Students in this Pathway will gain an overview of the theory and practice of modern business along with exposure to career options including business administration, management, marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, entrepreneurship, and international business.

Class Section Units Details Days Times Instructor
English 122  0651 3 TBD T 11:10AM - 12:35PM                  Carol Brown
Business 109  1358 3 TBD T/TH

 12:45PM – 2:10PM                   

Mariam Worsham
Counseling 100 2922 1 TBD M

9:30AM– 10:35 AM

Dawn Harris
Math 142/042  1040/0991 5 TBD M/W 11:10AM – 12: 40PM                         Farooq Ashraf


Communications icon

Communication FYE is a Pathway for students considering majors in areas such as Language Arts, Social Science, Arts, Humanities, Liberal Arts and more. A communication course is a common general education requirement for transfer, and effective communication are central to success in many fields. Thus, students may use this Pathway to complete requirements and gain skills to serve them in a wide array of majors and careers.

Class Section Units Details Days Times Instructor
English 122 0652 3 TBD

online (asynchronies)             

  Danielle Defoe
Communication 120  2636 3 TBD M/W  11:10AM – 12:35PM    Patrick Moe
Counseling 100  2913 1 TBD


9:30AM– 10:35AM Danielle Odom
Math 142/042  1080/0965 5 TBD T/Th  11:10AM – 12:40 PM     Katrina Keating


Social Sciences icon

Psychology FYE is a Pathway for students who are interested in studying human thought, feeling and behavior. This Pathway is a starting point for students considering transfer to a 4-year university in a psychology major and a future career in a helping profession. Examples of these professions include Psychotherapy, Social Work, Educational Counseling, Psychological Research and Instruction.

Class Section Units Details Days Times Instructor
English 122 0665 3 TBD T/TH

12:4 PM - 2:10PM                    

Erika Wenstrom
Psychology 101 1701 3 TBD T/TH

11:1 AM – 12:3 PM                

Dana Busche
Counseling 100 2914 1 TBD Mon 11:10AM– 12:15PM                  Carolyn Warren
Math 142/042 1064/0979 5 TBD M/W

12:45PM – 2:15PM                  

Katrina Keating


STEM icon

STEM FYE is a Pathway for students wishing to transfer to a 4-year university in a science, technology, engineering or math major. Examples of these majors include Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics and Environmental Science. The STEM Pathway includes a sequence of math and science courses along with various types of support for students to succeed in this rigorous program of study.

Class Section Units Details Days Times Instructor
Math 121/021 1000/0999  4 TBD T/Th                    9:35AM – 11:0 AM  Jenny Freidenreich
Counseling 120 3967  3 TBD M/W

9:35AM– 11:00AM                           

Rosy Lomeli
English 122  0672  3 TBD T  4:00PM - 7:05PM                                         Katie Gebler