As of Monday, March 16, 2020, DVC has suspended all face-to-face classes and activities until further notice, but we are still accepting FYE applications for Fall 2020. If you are interested, please fill out the FYE application using the link provided below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email nbasilious@dvc.edu.

Welcome to DVC First Year Experience (FYE) Program!

The FYE Program was designed especially for YOU - the first time college student, to assist in your transition from high school to campus life at DVC. Starting college can be both stressful and exciting, but as part of the DVC FYE community, you have support

The First Year Experience Program curriculum is designed to engage students by offering various Learning Communities pathways that are both challenging and collaborative. The spirit of the Learning communities is to educate, as you might expect, but to also build community amongst students and faculty.

FYE Applications for Fall 2020 are now open!

FYE Support

FYE includes the following support for new students:

  • Welcome Day
  • An FYE Learning Community (linked classes with supportive instructors and the same students)
  • A class on College Success Strategies (Counseling 100 or 120)
  • Student College Success Workshops
  • FYE Social events to build your community and promote your success

Contact information

FYE Program Coordinator:  Noha Basilious

Virtual Office Hours: M-F 10am-11pm and 2pm-3pm (If you have any questions and would like a one on one meeting, please email me the time that works for you and I will send you a zoom meeting invitation)

Virtual Phone Number:  925-338-1522

Office Phone: 925-969-3012

Office: PUMA Center Room-136

FYE Counselor: Raine Dougan

Office: SSC-220

Phone: 925-969-2160 (During the campus closure you can reach me at 925-517-3881)


Benefits of the FYE program
  • Guaranteed spots in high demand classes-No competing for classes
  • Embedded academic counseling that focuses on educational and career goals
  • Specialized attention from FYE faculty and staff.
  • Connection with a cohort of students with similar interests and goals. 
  • Opportunity to explore your academic and career interests.
  • Develop positive relationships with peers, staff and faculty
  • Identify and use appropriate campus resources
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Engage in opportunities that contribute to your learning within and beyond the classroom
  • Opportunity to meet new people and form lasting friendships through your involvement in the FYE program
  • Attend College Success Workshops
  • FREE Tutoring (ASC)
  • Faster pathway to achieving goals!

Lisa Ang

Lisa Ang

DVC English Assistant Professor
Office: 925-969-2476
Email: lang@dvc.edu

Lisa Ang is Bay Area born and raised. She grew up in Pleasant Hill, attended college in Berkeley, and lived in San Francisco and Oakland. Before teaching as an Assistant Professor in English at DVC, she taught at SF State and Los Medanos College. She also worked for eight years as Deputy Communications Director in the San Francisco Mayor's Office. She obtained her B.A. at Cal and her M.A. at SFSU. When she is not enjoying her time on campus with DVC students and colleagues, you will likely find her on a mountain backpacking, bouldering, or snowboarding.

Rosa Armendariz

Rosa Armendariz

Dean of Student Engagement and Equity
Office: 925-969-2233
Email: rarmendariz@dvc.edu
SVRC 106/PUMA 107

Noha Basilious

Noha Basilious

FYE Program Coordinator
Email: nbasilious@dvc.edu
PUMA 136

Ellen Beauliue

Ellen Beaulieu

DVC Chemistry Faculty
Office: 925-969-4222
Email: lbeaulieu@dvc.edu

Ellen Beaulieu will be teaching chemistry in our Allied Health FYE this fall. She had a Premed emphasis at the University of Georgia but decided to use her chemistry major to go into research as a medicinal chemist. She received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from UC Berkeley in 2009. After graduation, she worked in medicinal chemistry for four years leading projects to develop small molecules as diagnostics and therapeutics for infection. She has been teaching at DVC since 2013. She will bring her passion for medicine and chemistry into the Allied Health FYE viewing her classroom as an active, collaborative learning experience.

Danielle DeFoe

DVC English Faculty

Raine DouganRaine Dougan

DVC Counseling Faculty
Office: 925-969-2160
Email: rdougan@dvc.edu

Welcome to DVC! I have been teaching and counseling here for over a decade and am still just as passionate about this work as the day I started. I love helping students find their path, discover their potential, and reach their goals and dreams.

Before DVC, I received degrees from U.C. Berkeley and Pacifica Graduate Institute and worked for a while as Marriage and Family Therapist.

Coming to college is both exciting and overwhelming, especially if you're the first in your family to attend. Congratulations on making this brave choice! We look forward to supporting you in being successful at DVC!

Ron Macaluso

DVC Business Faculty

Jenny Freidenreich

Jenny Freidenreich

DVC Mathematics Faculty

Taylor Harrison

Taylor Harrison

DVC Counseling Faculty

Jay JacklJay Jackl

DVC English Faculty

I believe in the immense value of student-centered learning and community-building, in and out of the classroom. Collaborative idea exchange, creativity, and the cultivation of confidence are three important points of focus in my approach to helping students develop their strengths in literacy. I feel strongly that every person brings with them to our learning communities meaningful and varied experiences that enrich our discussions, our takeaways and approaches to reading and writing, and, ultimately, the impact of the intersections of education and human interaction on our lives.

A brief bio: I was born, raised, and educated in the Bay Area, where I currently live with my family. I completed my high school studies via the CA Proficiency Exam; I am a proud former DVC student; I earned my BA in English from UC Berkeley and my MA in English Literature from SF State University. I love music, animals, and life.

Dana KriderDana Krider

DVC Social Science Faculty
925-969-1230 ext. 77353

Welcome to Psychology 101! My goal is to make our class informative, and to help make the transition into college life easier. This is my first year teaching in the FYE program, but I have been an instructor here for some time now. It is a great community, and one I am proud to be a part of. I did not grow up in the Bay Area, and was extremely overwhelmed when I first moved here. I eventually found my way around, and am a DVC alum. When I'm not at school I enjoy spending time with my family, and my pups. We’re going to have a great semester.

Laura LoLaura Lo

DVC Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty

I came from Taiwan to the United States in 1997. I received my second M.S. in Computer Engineering at Santa Clara University in 1999. I had more than 15 years working experience as a software engineer and project manager in the high-tech industry, and specialized in C++ and Java programming, UNIX system and Database administration, and I18N/L10N project management and coordination.

I've taught all-level Math, C++ and Java programming, and database management courses since 2008. I love my job a lot and enjoy it. I can't wait to work with you.

Patrick Moe

DVC Performing Arts/Communication Faculty

Christian Morgan

DVC English Faculty

Christian Morgan was raised and educated in Oklahoma, where he received his Master’s degree from the University of Tulsa. From 2002 to 2016, Morgan taught composition and literature courses at a small college in central Oklahoma. He has also taught college courses in men’s and women’s maximum-security prisons, career-tech institutions, and high schools. He began adjunct teaching at Diablo Valley College in 2016. Morgan is a professional and creative writer and has presented his original works at conferences throughout the southwest and at DVC’s Literature Week. He spends his free time traveling, camping, fly fishing, and hiking.

Hideo Nakano-Hiraki

DVC Counseling Faculty

I look forward to getting to know each student and make the transition to college as smooth as possible! This will be my 5th year at DVC, but my first time teaching an FYE cohort so I'll be learning just as much as everyone else. I'm easy to approach and encourage questions. Can't wait to start!

Khrystyn PamintuanKhrystyn Pamintuan

DVC Counseling Faculty

Khrystyn is a San Diego native and first generation college student. Her desire to help students reach their academic, career, and personal goals while helping them thrive and grow is what brought her to this profession. Khrystyn values counseling and teaching through a social justice lens, and helping students engage in work that cultivates positive self-image/identity.

Khrystyn received her B.A. in Psychology and Social Behavior from UC Irvine. She received her M.A. in Education with an emphasis in Multicultural Counseling and M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy from San Diego State University. She enjoys traveling, fashion, working out, dancing, laughing at memes, and food adventures.

Anne PetersenAnne Petersen

DVC Mathematics and Science Faculty
SRC W-142

Glenn ScottGlenn Scott

DVC Mathematics and Science Faculty
SRC W-124

Chuck Shackett

DVC Language Arts Faculty
SRC W-117

Laura SmyrlLaura Smyrl

DVC English Adjunct Faculty
(925) 969-7000 ext. 78179
lsmyrl@dvc.edu (Best way to contact me)

Laura has been teaching English for quite some time. She has taught middle school, high school, and now college. Her favorite is teaching English here at DVC. Years ago, Laura taught in China for 2 years. Laura is a UC Berkeley graduate, but she also has degrees from SF State and Mills College. She has a MA in English Lit, a MA in TESOL, secondary teaching credentials in English and Social Studies, and post-secondary certificates in Composition and Reading. Laura loves traveling with her husband and 4 sons and she also loves reading and watching good movies. Ask her to share some fun Pixar eggs about her and her family in the original Toy Story movie. She looks forward to teaching you and helping you master first-year comp and reading. To infinity and beyond!

Anna SohiAnna Sohi

DVC Mathematics Faculty

Dawn TrujilloDawn Trujillo

DVC Counseling Adjunct Faculty


Kathryn Weber

Kathryn Weber

DVC Mathematics Faculty

Welcome to Diablo Valley College!! You are about to begin a truly amazing journey. I would like to share with you that I was first generation college student. My journey toward earning my degree, like you, began in community college, where I was placed into an entry-level math course since my math skills in High School were not satisfactory. I currently teach Math at DVC. I discovered important ingredients to success were my motivation and belief in possibilities (if others could "get it", then it was possible for me too). Whatever your dreams for the future are, they are possible!!

Justin Wembes

Justin Wembes

DVC Counseling Faculty

I am excited to teach in FYE! My vision is to make our class fun, informative, worth your time, and memorable. Life threw me many curve balls during my college years but I did not let it defeat me but rather define me. I love to talk about mindset and having this "you never know mentality" and so far I believe students enjoy our class talks and our one-on-one talks during counseling appointments. A fun fact about me is I am a HUGE sports fan (49ers/SF Giants/Warriors)! Look forward to meeting any student in my class!

To be eligible for an FYE learning community, students must be:

  • First time college student with no prior college credits (college classes taken during high school are exempted)
  • Eligible for English-122 (College reading and composition)

Fall 2020 Learning Communities

Science and Health icon 

Allied Health


Allied Heath FYE is a Pathway for students wishing to pursue career in an allied health science. Careers include but are not limited to Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Radiography, Sonography, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Health. The Allied Heath Pathway satisfies common prerequisites for various health-related programs and provides students with foundational knowledge in human anatomy, physiology and microbiology.

Class Section Units Details Days Times Instructor
Chemistry 108   2396  4 online w/ a few live class meetings on Wednesdays   W 12:45pm-3:55 pm Jean Ruehl
Math 142   3222  4 online w/ a few live class meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays TTH 12:45 pm -1:45 pm Eric Freidenreich
English 122   3331  3 online: consultation with instructor at the start of the semester  TBD TBD Lisa Ang
Counseling 100   2841  1 online w/some live class meetings on Monday M 12:45 pm-1:50 pm Danielle Odom

Business icon




Business FYE is a Pathway for students who are interested in transfer to a 4-year university in a Business or Economics major. Students in this Pathway will gain an overview of the theory and practice of modern business along with exposure to career options including business administration, management, marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, entrepreneurship, and international business.

Class Section Units Details Days Times Instructor
English 122   0651 3 online w/ a few live class meetings on Tuesdays  T 11:10 am -12:35 pm  Laura Smyrl
Business 109   1358 3 online w/ a few live class meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays TTH 12:45 pm- 2:10 pm Claudia Eckelmann
Counseling 100  2922 1 online w/ a few live class meetings on Mondays M 9:30 am - 10:35 am Hideo Nakano
Math 142/042   1040/0991 5 online w/ a few live class meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays MW 11:10 am - 12:10 pm Katrina Keating

Communications icon




Communication FYE is a Pathway for students considering majors in areas such as Language Arts, Social Science, Arts, Humanities, Liberal Arts and more. A communication course is a common general education requirement for transfer, and effective communication are central to success in many fields. Thus, students may use this Pathway to complete requirements and gain skills to serve them in a wide array of majors and careers.

Class Section Units Details Days Times Instructor
English 122  0652 3  

online: consultation with instructor at the start of the semester 

TBD TBD Danielle Defoe
Communication 120   2636 3 online w/ a few live class meetings on Wednesdays  W 11:10 am - 12:35 pm Patrick Moe
Counseling 100   2913 1 online w/ a few live class meetings on Mondays  M 9:30 am - 10:35 am Yvonne Canada
Math 142/042   1080/0965 5 online w/ a few live class meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays TTH 11:10 am -12:10 pm Katrina Keating

Social Sciences icon




Psychology FYE is a Pathway for students who are interested in studying human thought, feeling and behavior. This Pathway is a starting point for students considering transfer to a 4-year university in a psychology major and a future career in a helping profession. Examples of these professions include Psychotherapy, Social Work, Educational Counseling, Psychological Research and Instruction.

Class Section Units Details Days Times Instructor
English 122  0666 3 online: consultation with instructor at the start of the semester  TBD TBD  Jay Jackl
Psychology 101  1701 3 online: consultation with instructor at the start of the semester  TBD TBD Dana Krider
Counseling 100  2914 1 online w/ a few live class meetings on Mondays M 11:10 am -12:35 pm Taylor Harrison
Math 142/042  1064/0979 5 online w/ a few live class meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays MW 12:45 pm - 2:15 pm Cyrous Ahmadieh


STEM FYE is a Pathway for students wishing to transfer to a 4-year university in a science, technology, engineering or math major. Examples of these majors include Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics and Environmental Science. The STEM Pathway includes a sequence of math and science courses along with various types of support for students to succeed in this rigorous program of study.

Class Section Units Details Days Times Instructor
Math 121/021  1000/0999  4 online w/ a few live class meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays  TTH 9:35 am - 10:35 am Brian Raymond
Counseling 120  3967  3 online: consultation with instructor at the start of the semester  TBD TBD Rosy Lomelil
English 122   0672  3 online w/ a few live class meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays MW 11:10 am -12:35 pm  Liz Mayorga