Welcome to MESA at DVC!

Mesa LogoMESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement) is a statewide program for  educationally and economically underrepresented students majoring in calculus- based Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) fields. MESA at DVC is an endowed program that provides academic enrichment in STEM courses to students so they transfer to four-year institutions and have a successful career in a STEM field. The program is a vibrant community of students, faculty and STEM professionals working together to support our STEM students.

  • Odette Tapia, Biology major

    “I am grateful for being able to be a part of MESA. After graduating high school, I was nervous to go to college but joining MESA allowed me to calm my nerves and look forward to my future. MESA has provided me a peaceful environment where I can not only study, but also meet lots of wonderful people. I am glad that I have a place on campus where I can focus and get my work done.”

    - Odette Tapia - Biology major

  • Kevin Arredondo, Biology major

    “First and foremost, MESA is positive because it is collaborative. Everyone works to attain noble goals. Furthermore, everyone I know at MESA is determined to use their scientific knowledge for purposes of peace. Last but not least, the MESA program is determined to assist people with disabilities in entering the field of science.”

    - Kevin Arredondo - Biology major

  • Pauline Poe, Mechanical Engineering major

    "Being chosen to attend this MESA Student Leadership Conference 2018 was something my mentor had always pushed on me to attend. I’m grateful to have been part of the growing movement that’s behind MES, whose mission is to fulfill the dreams of minorities and first generations in STEM."

    - Pauline Poe, Mechanical Engineering major

  • Gabriel Gabru, Scholarship recipient

    “MESA literally is home on campus for STEM students. Stepping onto DVC’s campus for the first time, I had already heard about the support group, but I didn’t think the impact it had on me was going to be as great as it was. Once I actually started going to the center, I was pleasantly surprised to be surrounded by friendly optimistic peers; some who conveniently were in most of my classes.

    - Gabriel Gabru, Scholarship recipient

  • Chris Calderon

    “Joining MESA was one of the best decisions I made at DVC. Through MESA I was able to meet and connect with students with similar interests. MESA connected me to events on and off of campus. I was able to connect with Avenue E through MESA, and even gain a specialized STEM lab tour of the UC Davis campus that I would have otherwise missed out on.”

    - Chris Calderon

  • Joseph Worku, Computer Science major, MESA Alumni, current UCSD student

    “Being a part of MESA (Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement) was a tremendous resource for me during my time in DVC. One part of MESA that was very beneficial to me was the specialized tutoring for some of the more difficult math and science classes. Equally as important, participating in MESA allowed me to develop friendships and network with other students whose educational and career goals were similar to mine.”

    - Joseph Worku, Computer Science major, MESA Alumni, current UCSD student

  • Luis Almendarez

    As a first-generation student, I did not have a clue on how to be successful in college, let alone in a STEM-related field. When I graduated high school my reading, writing, and math skills were nowhere near college level. However, MESA did not look at what I lacked as a student. Instead, they saw potential that I did not know I had. Because of the support MESA staff and students gave me, I am now a senior at UC Davis studying Computational Cognitive Science.

    - Luis Almendarez


The program is currently accepting applications for MESA students. However, the Friends of MESA cohort is now at maximum capacity for the spring 2019 semester. We will begin accepting additional applications starting July 1, 2019.

Why should students join MESA at DVC?

 The MESA program offers students many supports including:

  • STEM Tutoring
  • Assistance in forming study groups
  • STEM Boot Camps to prepare for your upcoming semester. Note: This support is available to ALL DVC STUDENTS enrolled in the classes supported by this program.
  • Supplemental Instruction for selected DVC STEM classes. Note: This support is available to ALL DVC STUDENTS enrolled in the classes supported by this program.
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Assistance with the internship and scholarship application process
  • Counseling and Transfer services
  • Student Services workshops
  • A Canvas site for communication and announcements
  • MESA Scholarships
  • Reserved spaces in MESA Sections of highly impacted STEM classes

Who is eligible for MESA?

To be eligible for MESA, a student must:

  • be a US Citizen/Permanent resident/ AB 540;
  • be on Financial Aid and a first generation college student;
  • be a declared STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) major or be willing to declare; STEM major by the end of the semester;
  • have completed intermediate algebra;
  • have taken (or be working towards) at least 2 consecutive courses of calculus.

If you are not a financial aid/first generation student and qualify for the rest of the MESA requirements, you are invited  to join the “Friends of MESA” cohort.


Who is Eligible for Friends of MESA?

Eligibility for Friends of MESA is the same as for MESA, with the following exceptions:

  • do NOT need to be on financial aid;
  • do NOT need to be first generation college students.

How do you apply to MESA or Friends of MESA?

Click to apply for MESA@DVC or Friends of MESA

The application process takes a minimum of 2 weeks depending on the volume of applications received. Interviews are conducted during spring and fall semesters.

Where is the MESA program at DVC?

The MESA program is located in the PUMA (Puente, Umoja, MESA Alliance) Center, across from the LC building.

The PUMA Center will be open to students from 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Thursday during the summer session until August 16.

Who should you contact for more information about MESA at DVC?

Do you have more questions about MESA? Please contact: 

The MESA Office: 925-969-4232


Maitreyee Chandra, MESA Program Manager