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PACE - Program for Adult College Education at DVC

Are you working full-time? Juggling a very busy life?  You might want to consider PACE - an associate degree program that fits your schedule. With DVC PACE, you can be a full-time student and earn your degree while balancing family, career, and scheduling demands.

Students enrolled in the PACE program meet on the Pleasant Hill campus. PACE classes are scheduled in a variety of ways. The majority of courses in the program are offered either 100 percent online or in a hybrid format (part of the course is online but will also include some face to face meetings.) The scheduling of the face to face meeting component depends upon the class and can be either just a few times over the course of the semester, one evening per week, or selected Saturdays each month.

With a degree through PACE, students will complete lower-division general education requirements for the associate degree and/or transfer to UC, CSU or private institutions, using the pre-planned PACE course schedule. Students work with their DVC PACE counselor to select major requirements to meet their individual student goal.

Please note that PACE is a 4-semester program that packages classes together with a working adult population in mind.  Students in the program take all of the PACE classes offered in a particular semester (the exception to that being if the student has already satisfied that transfer requirement).  The program is not designed for, nor can it accommodate, students looking for one or two classes to fill out their schedule.

We hope PACE meets your needs to complete your lower division GE requirements for transfer!  

The PACE program started in Spring 2016 and is adding students for the upcoming semester.
Note: Applicants must assess into college level English (English-122) and Math (Math-120).

To prepare students for the program, a Pre-PACE term is also included in the curriculum.

  • Pre-PACE is for students who do not assess into college-level: ENGL-117 and/or MATH-085. 

Next step - Complete the PACE application!

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