Welcome to the PACE - Program for Adult College Education

Have you ever dreamed of a college education, but never got the chance because you have been working full-time, raising a family, or just never thought it was possible? Or, are you considering a change in employment or want to pursue a degree to improve your career options? 

The PACE Program at Diablo Valley College is designed specifically to support working adults, including stay-at-home parents, in pursuing an associate's degree and/or transfer to a four-year college/university. With our support, you can attain your goals, while balancing family, career, and scheduling demands.

PACE Informational Session

PACE Spring 2022 is currently closed - please check back for Summer/Fall 2022 application and informational sessions.

PACE Program Advantages and Benefits

  • Reserved seating in impacted courses with dedicated PACE instructor
  • Assigned dedicated counselors within the PACE program
  • Focused curriculum to help students stay on track
  • Mid-term success reports to help students track their academic progress
  • PACE mentorship support provided
  • Additional graduation ceremony for PACE students
  • Access to transfer partner Universities that also have programs built for busy adults, including CSU East Bay, Saint Mary's College, University of San Francisco, Western Governors University and more.

PACE Program Requirements

  • Attend New PACE Student Orientation
  • Enroll in Student Success course during first term (unless previously taken)
  • Meet with PACE counselor every semester to create and maintain a Student Educational Plan

*If you are needing two or three classes to complete your educational goal, this program is NOT for you.

Two-year course sequences for each PACE Track:

Once you complete your Associate degree, you have the option to pursue your Bachelor's degree at one of our transfer partner Universities that also have programs built for busy adults, including CSU East Bay, SF State, and more.

Applying to PACE takes FOUR easy steps:

Step 1

Complete a DVC Application
If you're a current  DVC student, you can skip this step. 

Step 2

Complete a PACE Application and sign up for a PACE orientation (check back for summer and fall 2022 application)
Just takes a few minutes.

Step 3

Meet with a PACE Counselor
We'll reach out to you after you submit your application for scheduling. 

Meet by phone or Zoom so your PACE counselor can help you build you educational plane and discuss your goals, especially if you want to transfer to a University after PACE.
*Important - Make sure to send us all your official transcripts from other colleges  to DVC prior to scheduling your PACE counseling appointment so we can give you credit for completed college courses.

Step 4: FAFSA

Complete your FAFSA to see what financial aid you qualify for (Most of our students don't pay any tuition).

Even if you don't qualify, our enrollment fees are very affordable at $46 per unit for CA residents (or about $1,380 per year). If you need help filling out the FAFSA, contact DVC Financial Aid Office for assistance.

For more information or if you have additional questions, please contact us at: pace@dvc.edu

For Employers

If you are an employer who is looking for a great program to help your employees achieve their goals, Click HERE

  • A multi-semester, flexible Learning Community for Working Adults
  • Designed for people who need their first two years of college General Education classes
  • Mixture of evening, online, and hybrid classes
  • PACE classes include all types of General Ed. classes such as: Anthropology, English, History, Geography, Math, Psychology, Sociology, etc. View the pre-planned PACE course schedule
  • Take PACE classes with other working people like you
  • Instructors and PACE Counselor are dedicated to working with adult students
  • Complete your A.A., A.S. , or your general ed. requirements to transfer
  • Earn a quality college education at low community college costs
  • Transfer to CSU, UC, or private colleges to complete your Bachelor degree

Sheila Lau

Sheila Lau

PACE Program Faculty Coordinator/Counselor
Email: dvcpace@dvc.edu

I'm passionate about the PACE Program! Having been a PACE student myself, I understand first hand, the struggles of being a working adult and raising a family all while going to school. I was a transfer student working 3 jobs throughout my undergraduate degree. And then I was a working mother with two boys ages 3 and 5 when I pursued my graduate degree. It was hard, but I did it with the support of a PACE Program, and you will too. I look forward to supporting you through your journey in the PACE Program at DVC.

Shaeehea Hollis

Shaeehea Hollis

PACE Program Faculty Coordinator/Counselor
Email: dvcpace@dvc.edu

I am so happy to work with PACE students. I was a single mother of two children who worked full-time as I attended community college. I was given a lot of help and support by counselors who inspired me to earn my BA and MA degrees. Being a part of the PACE program at DVC is rewarding, I feel grateful that I can help and support other working adults achieve their goals. I look forward to working with you!

Rosa Armendariz

Rosa Armendariz

Dean of Student Engagement and Equity
Office: 925-969-2233
Email: rarmendariz@dvc.edu
SVRC 106/PUMA 107


JoAn Abenoja

Program Assistant
Office: 925-308-6078
Email: jabenoja@dvc.edu

Success Stories

Felicia Hill

Felicia Hill

My name is Felicia Hill and when I first learned about the PACE program (Program for Adult College Education), I thought, this is a program for me! When I met with my counselor, she walked through the educational program and designed a plan specifically for me. I feel the teachers and counselors were available for guidance and were committed to helping us all be successful. Participating in the PACE program, enabled me to obtain my AS degree in Business, Certificate of accomplishment - Real Estate Salesperson and Certificate of achievement - General business within 2 ½ years. I am absolutely satisfied with the PACE program at DVC.

Jeff Heath

Jeff Heath

“I started 4 years ago at the age of 41. I realized I needed a degree in order to reach a higher level in my career. I enjoyed the PACE program and my only regret is not joining PACE from the start of my educational journey
Sheila Lau my PACE counselor was always available when I needed her. She played an important role is seeing me through the pandemic and helped me pick which school I should transfer to.”
Advice for new transferring students: “Start the pace program from day one. Don't be afraid of taking more than one class a semester. Take all of the summer and winter classes you can handle so that you can finish faster. It took me four years to complete an associate's, and I regret not doing more in the beginning.”

Tanya Flucher

Tanya Flucher

I made up my mind in 2016, that I was going to complete my AA transfer degree. I attempted college several times, and I wasn't successful. I entered the PACE Program in Summer 2016. I took public speaking and I got an A in the class. After completing the public speaking class, I had the determination and drive to keep moving forward. I just took things one semester at a time. Every semester I received a tremendous amount of support from the PACE Program advisers. I was working full time, going to school, and supporting my daughter through high school. I encountered several obstacles along the way.  I didn't let that stop me, I persevered. I'm transferring to Cal State East Bay Fall 2020, to obtain my BA in Human Development/ Women's Studies. I'm living proof that it's never too late to complete your educational goals.