Umoja ProgramAbout Umoja

Umoja (a Kiswahili word meaning unity) is a statewide community of educators and learners committed to the academic success, personal growth and self-actualization of African American and other students. The Umoja Community at Diablo Valley College joined with the statewide community in spring 2013.

The Umoja Community seeks to educate the whole student – body, mind and spirit. Informed by an ethic of love and its vital power, the Umoja Community will deliberately engage students as full participants in the construction of knowledge and critical thought.

African and African American intellectual, cultural, and spiritual gifts inform Umoja Community values and practices. The Umoja Community seeks to nurture knowledge of and pride in these treasures. The learning experience within the Umoja Community will provide each individual the opportunity to add their voice and their story to the collective voices and stories of the African Diaspora.

Students in the Diablo Valley College Umoja Community will study with instructors trained in and committed to Umoja principles. The linked courses provide a structure for our community, with core courses in Counseling, African American focused social science, and community-linked choices for students in English and Mathematics. Strong bonds with mentors, counselors, instructors, and fellow students are an integral part of the Umoja experience.

Umoja Learning Community requirements

The Spring 2019 Umoja Learning Community classes for Cohort 7 (C7) are listed below, as well as the mandatory Fall Orientation date.  Additional requirements will be reviewed by the coordinators during the intake process.  For more information, please contact the Umoja Coordinators at

Spring 2019 Learning Community courses and orientation

Mandatory Umoja classes 

(both classes are required  to be in the Learning Community)

Course Units Days Time
Sociology 120 (6215) 3 units MW 9:35-11 AM
Career 110 (6330) 3 units MW 11:10 AM-12:35 PM

Mandatory orientation

Thursday, January 24, 5-8 PM
Students joining Umoja for Cohort 7 must attend the Orientation. (The location will be provided at the intake appointment.)

Optional Spring 2019 Umoja classes

(students may enroll in these classes but are not required to do so; this will be discussed during the counseling intake appointment)

Course Units Days Time
English 117 (6368) 5 units TTH 9:35 AM-12:05 PM
English 122 (6364) 3 units TTH 9:35-11 AM
English 123 (6366) 3 units TTH 9:35-11 AM
Math 119 (6369) 4 units MTWTH 12:45-2:10 PM
Math 142 (6374) 4 units MW 12:45-2:50 PM

Please email the Umoja Coordinators at if you would like more information.