Associated Students of Diablo Valley College (ASDVC)

TimelyCareThe Associated Students of Diablo Valley College (ASDVC) is the student government at DVC. ASDVC is responsible for advocating for and representing students' perspectives on College and District committees, councils and task forces.

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Are you interested in becoming an ASDVC Senator?  Attend a one-hour information session from 2-3 or 3-4 pm on the following dates and times: (T, W, Th) January 24 - February 2, 2023 in person and via Zoom.

General meetings

ASDVC General Meetings are in person 2:10 pm - 4 pm, February 7 - May 2, 2023.  All agendas are posted on DVCsync.

COVID-19 Health Talk 11.15.21


Ivan Hernandez, President

Executive Committee meets Fridays 3-4 pm in person and via Zoom


Mariana Rosillo, Vice President of Executive Affairs

Elections Committee meets Fridays 1-2 in person and via Zoom


Su Yadanar Win (Chanelle), VP Legislative Affairs

Legislative Committee meets Mondays 1-2 pm in person and via Zoom


Logan Shaver, Controller

Budget Oversight Committee meets Tuesdays 1-2 pm via Zoom


Luotong Wan, Secretary

Building Committee meets Fridays 9-10 am in person and via Zoom


Teresa Tenggono, Activities Coordinator

Activities Committee meets Mondays 4-5 pm in person and via Zoom


Reece Canonigo, Environmental Affairs Officer

Environmental Affairs Committee meets Fridays 10-11 am via Zoom


Afreen Shameem, Parliamentarian

Rules Committee meets on Thursday 2-3 pm in person and via Zoom


Mira Chin Nair, Public Relations Officer

Public Relations Committee will meet on Wednesdays 1-2 pm in person and via Zoom

xay Visitxay (Xay) Hanmonty, Inter Club Council Chair

Adrienne Fong, Technology Officer

Technology Committee meeting TBD


Lok Yiu Lee (Ames), Diversity Affairs Chair

Diversity Affairs Committee meets Wednesdays 2-3 pm in person and via Zoom


Guadalupe Lopez, Center Adhoc Chair

Committee is open to the student body weekly on Wednesday, 3-4 pm in the Student  Union Building room 204 in person.

Why participate in student government? ASDVC advocacy has resulted in the creation of: telehealth services, food pantry, extended library hours, NEW Basic Needs, Dreamer, Health LGBTQ, and SparkPoint Center, ICC collaborative events, state and national student advocacy.

Come learn what ASDVC does and what the requirements are to join. All students are encouraged to visit an ASDVC meeting! The meetings are held during the term on Tuesdays from 2:10-4 p.m.  Inquire with the Student Life Office for exact meeting dates. The meetings are open to the public and agendas are posted on DVCsync 24 hours a day, 72 hours in advance of meetings.

Governing documents

Financial documents