DVC philosophy statement

The primary objective of Diablo Valley College is the development, growth and success of each of its students. At DVC student learning is paramount and comprises not simply the transference of knowledge and skills but also a process of intellectual, artistic, political, ethical, physical and spiritual exploration. We believe that such learning is the mutual responsibility of the college and the student.

We recognize the dignity and intrinsic worth of the individual and will make every effort to design programs to meet individual needs, interests and capacities. We believe that a broad range of educational approaches and support services is necessary in order to ensure that each student achieves his or her potential.

In fulfilling these objectives and principles, we affirm our intention

  • to provide the highest possible level of education and counseling in order to help students develop and realize their goals
  • to provide the highest possible level of access to a student body which reflects the cultural and socio-economic diversity of our community
  • to provide students with opportunities for the development of values, ethical behavior, aesthetic appreciation and a sense of civic responsibility
  • to provide students with opportunities for social and personal growth
  • to enhance self-esteem and a sense of individual responsibility
  • to provide a campus climate that encourages tolerance, mutual respect, civility, and the free and open exchange of ideas
  • to instill an appreciation for the values and contributions of other cultures and to foster a global and international perspective among all students.

We will continuously seek and support a dedicated, highly qualified staff that is diverse in terms of cultural background, ethnicity, and intellectual perspective and that is committed to fostering a climate of academic freedom and collegiality. We will encourage and support professional development for all staff and will all share in the responsibility for student outcomes.

Diablo Valley College affirms its responsibility to address the diverse needs of the communities it serves and to provide leadership in the civic, cultural, and economic development of the region. We believe that widespread access to excellent postsecondary education is the cornerstone of a democratic society.