Art Digital Media Faculty & Staff

Diablo Valley College’s art digital media faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you succeed through every step of the program.

Name Title Phone Office
Bennett, Troy Instructor 925-969-2252 FO-152
Bhimji, Sahra Instructor 925-969-2257 ATC-102
Denning, Joann Instructor, Department Chair  925-969-7106 A-401
Di Matteo, Robert  Instructor (part-time) n/a  A-401
Giachino, Richard  Instructor (part-time) n/a  ATC-112a
Foulds, David  Instructor (part-time) n/a  ATC-112a
Jackson, Alex Instructor (part-time) n/a  A-401
King, Arthur Instructor (part-time)  925-969-2249  A-401
Koym, Kimberlee Instructor (part-time)

 925-685-1230 (x.77426)

Leeper, Kevin Instructor   925-969-2257  A-401
Loden, Frances  Instructor (part-time) n/a  ATC-112a
McLean, Matthew Instructor (part-time) n/a ATC-112a
Olsen, Gerald  Instructor (part-time) n/a  ATC-112a
O'Neill, Barbara  Instructor (part-time) n/a  ATC-112a
Skloot, Tal  Instructor (part-time) n/a  ATC-112a
Thomas, Bill Instructor (part-time) n/a ATC-112a
White, Nicole Instructor  925-969-2263  A-501