Art Faculty & Staff 

Diablo Valley College’s faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you succeed through every step of the program. Learn more about our art team on the bio pages linked below.

Name Title
Bersamina, Leo Instructor
Damiani, Luke Instructor (part-time)
Fisher, Jane Instructor
Gand, Elizabeth Instructor
Heffron, Kurt Instructor (part time)
Huang, Meiru Instructor, (part time)
King, Arthur  2-D Instructional Assistant/Art Gallery Coordinator
Koblik, Kristen Instructor, Department Chair
Lyons, Tarra Instructor (part-time)
Marker, Chris Instructor (part-time)
McDade, Karl Instructor
Montgomery, Lynette Instructor (part-time)
Noveroske, Linda Instructor (part-time)
Nickel, Christopher Instructor (part-time)
Paganelli, Carla Instructor (part-time)
Raymond, Amy Instructor (part-time)
Sugita, Toru Instructor
Tandeta, Hannah Instructor (part-time)
Thomas, Ema Instructor (part-time)
Van Den Dool, Monica Instructor (part-time)
White, Nicole Instructor