Business Faculty & Staff

Diablo Valley College’s business faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you succeed through every step of the program.

Name Title Phone/ Extension Office
Borgognoni, Robert Instructor (adjunct) 78552 BFL-218/220
Brucelas, Joy Instructor (adjunct) 16822 BFL-218/220
Buckley, Ryan Instructor (adjunct) N/A BFL-218/220
Cabiles, Elizabeth Instructor (adjunct) N/A BFL-218/220
Danko, Christopher Instructor (adjunct) 77624 BFL-218/220
Eddy, Bob Instructor (adjunct) 925-938-2307 BFL-218/220
Eisa, Mohamed Instructor 22329 BFL-216
Fogli, John Instructor 925-969-2332 BFL-223
Kasin, Michael Instructor (adjunct) N/A BFL-218/220
Ku, Maria Instructor (adjunct) 77167 BFL-218/220
Lacayo, Allan Instructor 925-969-2351 BFL-225
Laham, Martha Instructor 925-969-2328 BFL-215
Lane, Queen Instructor (adjunct) 78435 BFL-218/220
Langager, Meldy Instructor (adjunct) 77168 BFL-218/220
Macaluso, Ron Instructor (adjunct) 77169 BFL-218/220
Miller, Michael Instructor (adjunct) N/A BFL-218/220
Moss, Eric Instructor (adjunct) 77156 BFL-218/220
Olmos, Benjamin Instructor (adjunct) 78751 BFL-218/220
Pieroni, Gary Instructor 925-969-2334 BFL-221
Puzia, Arek Instructor, Department Chair 925-969-2353 BFL-214
Shahbazi, Shahbaz Instructor (adjunct) 77362 BFL-218/220
Shi, Charlie Instructor 925-969-2352 BFL-226
Thompson, Randall Instructor (adjunct) 77171  BFL-218/220
Tran, Linda Instructor (part-time) 78048 BFL-218/220
Watkins, Stephen Instructor 925-969-2337 BFL-224
Wilson, Brandon Instructor (adjunct) 78484 BFL-218/220
Winkler, Loann Instructor (adjunct) 77172 BFL-218/220
Worsham, Mariam Instructor (adjunct) 78362 BFL-218/220
Ybarra, Christopher Instructor (adjunct) 925-969-2799 BFL-110
Young, Monique Instructor (adjunct) 77173 BFL-218/220
Division Office 
Shi, Charlie Dean 925-969-2246


Da Luz, Antoinette Administrative Assistant III 925-969-2243 BFL-204