Career and Counseling

Do you want to explore your educational and career goals? 

DVC's career and counseling courses can help you with job exploration, educational planning, and success skills. You can also earn college credits for work you are already doing through our work experience courses!

This program is in the interest area:

Career Opportunities

The career and counseling program will prepare you for work in a variety of occupations and career paths, including those in each of our Interest Areas:

  • Arts, Communication & Language
  • Business, Computer Science & Culinary
  • Math & Engineering
  • Science & Health
  • Social Sciences

Degrees and Certificates

While DVC does not offer specific career and counseling degrees or certificates, our courses help you choose the program that best matches your career goals and earn credits towards your degree or certificate for on-the-job learning.

About degrees and certificates

A certificate readily prepares you to enter a particular field or career. It can also give you new skills for advancement in the workplace.

Associate Degrees:
An associate degree requires a broader education for career options in a range of industries. It's a great step towards earning a bachelor degree at a four-year school or entering the workforce sooner.

Associate Degrees for Transfer:
A transfer degree is equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor’s degree program. Earning one can guarantee admission to California State Universities, some private and online universities, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). ADTs, along with a transfer agreement guarantee (TAG) with the University of California system can help you achieve your goals for less. Learn about transfer services.