Communication Studies Faculty & Staff

Diablo Valley College’s communications studies faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you succeed through every step of the program.

Name Title Phone Office
Hanecak, John Instructor 925-969-2722 PAC-205
Hawkins, Robert Instructor, Department Chair 925-969-2720 PAC-206
Hunter, Kimberlee Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7111 PAC-211
Johnson-Rongstad, Daniela Instructor (part-time)  925-969-7112 PAC-201
Longfellow, Blake Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7097 PAC-105
Moe, Patrick Instructor 925-969-2727 PAC-210
Moore, Lee Porscha Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7112 PAC-201
Moten, Yasser Instructor (part-time) n/a PAC-207
Padilla, Shannon Instructor 925-969-2726 PAC-209
Perry, Adam Instructor 925-969-2725 PAC-208
Phalen, Darren Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7111 PAC-211
Schaefer, Brian Instructor (part-time) n/a L-201
Storer, Steven Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7111 PAC-211
Whitmore, Kyle Instructor (part-time) 925-969-2759 ET-114
Zell, Erik Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7112 PAC-201