Computer Science Faculty & Staff

Diablo Valley College’s computer science faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you succeed through every step of the program.

Name Title Phone / Extension Office
Aladegbami, Folakemi Instructor (part-time) 78046 ATC-113B
Amarachinta, Lakshmi Instructor (part-time) 78047 ATC-113B
Amato, Nicholas Instructor 925-969-2315 FO-225
Andreopoulos, William Instructor (part-time) N/A ATC-113B
Asher, Leslie Instructor (part-time) 77756 ATC-113B
Bhuyan, Fahima Instructor (part-time) N/A ATC-113B
Blackburn, Daniella Instructor (part-time) 77406 ATC-113B
Chern, Tony Instructor (part-time) 77407 ATC-113B
Colber, Valerie Instructor (part-time) 77408  ATC-113B
Dietrich, Mark Instructor (part-time) 78412 ATC-113B
Elkady, Amr Instructor (part-time) 78040 ATC-113B
Fogg, Stu Instructor (part-time) 77551 ATC-113B
Gentry-Kolen, Heidi Instructor, Department Chair 925-969-2613 LA-110 
Houshiar, Bijan Instructor, CNT Lead 925-969-2483 FO-227
Hrycewicz, Paul Instructor (part-time) N/A ATC-113B
Jagpal, Rupinder
Instructor 925-969-2799 BWL-219
Johnson, Sam Instructor (part-time) 78427 ATC-113B
Kennedy, Fred Instructor (part-time) 77409 ATC-113B
Khaja, Gene Instructor 925-969-2612 LA-109
Lai, Xinyi Instructor (part-time) N/A ATC-113B
Lo, Lan Laura Instructor (part-time) 925-969-2296 ATC-113B
Martucci, Cheryl Instructor 925-969-2486 FO-231
Melvin, Ryan Instructor 925-969-2348 LA-108
Mortezaie, Faramarz Instructor (part-time) 78045 ATC-113B
Mount, James Instructor (part-time) 77036 ATC-113B
Pentcheva, Caterina Instructor 925-969-2614 LA-111
Shi, Charlie Dean 925-969-2246 AB-214
Small, Bruce Instructor (part-time) 57586 ATC-113B
Stalica, Hank Instructor (part-time) 78394 ATC-113B
Strait, Michael Instructor (part-time) 77486 ATC-113B
Tajbakhsh, Shahin Instructor (part-time) 78399 ATC-113B
Tejada, Mario Instructor (San Ramon) 56225 FO-159
Tsai, Peikun (Patrick) Instructor (part-time) 78794 ATC-113B
Valcalda, Robert Instructor (part-time) 77301 ATC-113B
Vonberg, Ken Instructor (part-time) 77414  ATC-113B
Wallace, Michael Instructor (part-time) 78410 ATC-113B
Winsberg, Paul Instructor (part-time) 77119 ATC-113B
Youn, Steve Instructor (part-time) 77415 ATC-113B
Zandi, Lily Instructor (part-time) 77404 ATC-113B