Dental Assisting Success Stories

Heather O'Drobinak – DVC dental assisting graduate

Heather O'Drobinak"The DVC dental assisting program was the best decision I've made. Not only did I gain an incredible dental family, I now have an amazing career! While there were tough moments, professors and fellow classmates were there to help me navigate through my studies and prepare me for state boards.

Many students in the program were offered jobs during their internships at general or specialty dental offices. The DVC dental faculty and staff were there for those of us who declined or were not offered a position by recommending hiring practices they thought would be a good fit for our strengths. 

I would go back and relive those ten months in a heartbeat. I had such an incredible experience completing this program and have recommended it to multiple friends. I currently work in a pediatric office full time and absolutely enjoy waking up and heading into the office every morning!"