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Diablo Valley College’s career development (CARER) courses are designed to provide students with opportunities to explore career fields and become familiar with the skills needed to successfully obtain and maintain employment.

Students may earn units for learning on-the-job through Work Experience Education (WRKX). It is part of the total educational process that assists students in exploring and wisely choosing a career, preparing for full-time employment, and advancing in careers of their choice. The course is designed for students whose jobs relate to their college major or career goals and provides on-the-job training in business and industrial establishments under supervision of a college instructor and is facilitated by the use of learning objectives.

These courses are for students who are working full or part-time and interested in earning units while gaining practical work experience, either for pay, as interns, or as volunteers. College credit is granted for the following: WRKX-160: Students who are employed but have not declared a major or their jobs are unrelated to their major. WRKX-170: Students who are employed and their jobs are related to their major. WRKX-180: Students who are participating in internship or volunteer opportunities in jobs that are related to their major.

Diablo Valley College’s counseling (COUNS) courses are designed to assist students in identifying educational and career goals, and enhancing their success by way of instruction in career and educational planning, and student success strategies.

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