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Possible career opportunities

Mathematicians work in a variety of fields, among them: statistics, analysis, actuarial science, mathematical modeling, computer programming, cryptography, research, and education. More than two years of college study is usually required for these career options. A strong background in mathematics is also required for many careers in engineering, accounting and finance, business administration, risk management, and business forecasting, as well as for research in computer science, social science, and the physical sciences.

New Support Classes and Placement

Starting in Fall, 2019, new placement rules are in effect so that all transfer-bound students have the right to go straight into a transfer-level Math course. Support classes are available to help students succeed at transfer level. 

Degrees and certificates

Associate in science degree for transfer

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The DVC Mathematics Department teaches a wide range of classes from Arithmetic/Problem Solving through Differential Equations, in a variety of formats. A mathematics laboratory is open daily in the Learning Center where mathematics advisers are available to aid students. 

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