Physical Science, Physics, Astronomy, Geology, and Geography Directory

Biological/Physical Sciences
Gorga, Joseph Dean 925-969-4229 PS-261
Physical Science
Barnes, Linda Division Secretary 925-969-4231 PS-263
Lamichhane, Krishna Instructor (part-time)   PS-139
Physical Science (Astronomy)
Chiar, Jean Professor 925-969-4243 SC-313
Sasse, Paul Professor 925-969-4257 SC-312
Physical Science (Geography)
Quinn, Michael Professor 925-969-4215 PS-233
Sinha, Binita Professor 925-969-4214 PS-231
Physical Science (Geology)
Mayfield, Jason Professor, Department Chair 925-969-4205 PS-135
Physical Science (Physics)
Colwell, Kitran Professor 925-969-4202 PS-141
Combs, Andrew Professor (Adjunct)   PS-157
Gheith, Muhammed Professor 925-685-1230 ext, 77467 PS-127
Golightly, William Professor (Adjunct)   PS-149
Krivicich, Joe Professor   PS-151
Large, Evan Professor 925-969-4208 PS-147
Rodriguez, John Professor, Department Chair 925-969-4206 PS-143
Simkin, David Professor (Adjunct)   PS-139
Walker, Ted Professor 925-969-4200 PS-131
Physical Science (Physics, Astronomy)
Goldenberg, Steve Professor (Adjunct)   PS-139
Physical Science and Engineering, Biological and Health Science
Goralka, Ray Dean (Interim) 925-969-2651 LHS-211