Kinesiology Faculty & Staff

Diablo Valley College’s kinesiology faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you succeed through every step of the program.

KINO 1 – first portable building that has the Kinesiology, Athletic and Dance Division Office
KINO 2 – second portable building for faculty

Name Title Phone Office
Anderson, Ervin Instructor (part-time)/Head Basketball Coach, Gymnasium 925-969-2536 n/a
Angelakos, Erica Instructor (part-time) n/a n/a
Ayres, Sherry Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7246 n/a
Bailey, Brandon Head Softball Coach 925-969-2760 KINO 2
Barker, Glenn Instructor (part-time) 925-969-7247 KIN-1
Bishop, Wanda
Instructor (part-time)


Butler, Jason Men's Athletic Equipment Manager 925-969-2696 ML
Deicke, Susan Instructor (part-time) n/a KIN 211
De Trane, Matt Instructor (part-time)/Head Men’s Water Polo Coach n/a Pool Deck
Douex, Al Instructor (part-time) n/a n/a
Lampe-Brosius, Holly Instructor (part-time) n/a KIN-211
Luquet, Dennis Instructor (part-time) /Head Baseball Coach 925-969-2756 KINO 2
Luquet, Caitlin Instructor (part-time)
925-969-2156 KINO 2
Mullins, Cailin Instructor/Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Department Co-Chair 925-969-2750 KINO 2
Pierson, Shelly Instructor/Program Lead, Personal Training and Fitness Instruction/Head Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Coach 925-969-2751 KINO 2
Ponciano-Babb, Jackie Instructor/Head Women’s Volleyball/Men and Women’s Tennis, Department Co-Chair 925-969-2749 KINO 2
Ramos, Charles Sports Medicine Program Manager 925-969-2208  KINO 2 
Reed, Joslynn Instructor (part-time) n/a KIN-211
Roberts, Zack Instructor (part-time)
n/a n/a
Tezeno, Meia Instructor (part-time) /Head Track and Field Coach 925-969-2750 KINO 2
Valmore, Kimberly Instructor/Program Lead, Dance 925-969-2761 KIN 108A
Holt, Wendy  Head Athletic Trainer 925-969-2712  KIN-TRNG-RM
Whitmore, Kyle Assistant Track and Field Coach 925-969-2750 KINO 2
Worsley, Christine Dean and Athletic Director 925-969-2747 KINO 1